NSU University School Student/Parent Handbook 2016-2017

Page 41 STUDENT DRIVING NSU University School gives permission to students who are duly licensed drivers to drive properly registered motor vehicles on campus. Students and parents must understand that permission to drive and park on campus are privileges, not rights guaranteed by admission to the school. Students are expected, therefore, to adhere to the regulations and restrictions identified below at all times. Each vehicle driven on the Nova Southeastern University campus by a high school student must be registered with NSU University School and the public safety office of the university. A $100 fee must be paid to NSU University School to register a vehicle on campus. Each student will receive a parking permit that must be displayed on the left rear bumper or inside the left rear window. Students granted a permit to drive and park on campus are required to be the sole driver of the car that is registered. All drivers on NSU property must follow the NSU parking and driving regulations. Upper School students are not permitted to park in the Middle School visitor parking lot (south of the Dolphin’s training area). Main campus parking lots are color coded for easier identification. Vehicles parked in campus lots must display the corresponding colored parking permit as follows: Blue employees Red commuter students Orange students living in residence halls, (not permitted to park on campus at any time) Yellow students living at Rolling Hills Residence Halls (can park on campus after 5:00 p.m. and on weekends) Green NSU University School students Brown contractors/vendors Restricted Areas • Gated Areas (surface lots and parking garages): To park in any gated area, you must have and present a valid NSU campus card (SharkCard) to the electronic access control card reader. NSU campus cards are available through Campus Card Services. Call (954) 262-8929 for information. • Faculty and Staff Only: These gated parking areas are not open to students. Access to these lots is by assignment of special parking clearances assigned to the designated cardholder’s NSU campus card (SharkCard). Questions or requests regarding clearance to restricted lots should be addressed to Facilities Management at (954) 262-8843. • Visitor, client, and patient parking spaces • Fire lanes in any managed or owned properties of the university • All disabled parking spaces (unless displaying state-issued permit and/or issued plate) • On any roadway where the parked vehicle becomes an obstruction in the traffic lane • Wherever signs and road markings prohibit parking • Designated spaces, except where otherwise authorized • Sidewalks, walkways, lawns, or other cultivated areas such as gardens • Aquatic Center, Baseball Field and Gravel Lots 7:30 am until 3:15pm daily General Policies 1. In order to park a motor vehicle on campus in any university parking area, it must be registered with the university and a parking permit must be properly displayed. 2. All administrators, faculty and staff members, students, visitors, and outside contractors must register vehicles to be driven or parked on campus. 3. Administrators, faculty and staff members, students, and visitors are responsible for any violations of these regulations in which their vehicles are involved. 4. Nova Southeastern University assumes no liability for damages to any vehicle parked or driven on campus. 5. Motorcycles, motor scooters, and mopeds are subject to traffic law regulations. 6. The Public Safety Department is authorized to designate any spaces as temporarily reserved parking.