NSU Style Manual and Publications Service Guide

49 Athletics Logo The NSU Sharks logo represents the Athletics Department of Nova Southeastern University. This logo should never be used in place of the NSU logo. The Shark logo is made up of five colors, Pantone® color PMS 285 (blue), PMS 287 (blue), PMS 428 (gray), PMS 429 (gray), and black. The Shark logo is a registered mark of Nova Southeastern University and includes the registered trademark symbol ® whenever the logo is used in the following circumstances: 1. o n all athletics media guides and official publications of the athletics department 2. o n the second appearance in promotional materials and school spirit gear (e.g., the back of a notebook with the same logo on the cover) 3. o n the athletics website 4. o n university vehicle graphics 5. o n NSU parking decals 6. o n legal documents 7. o n informational materials (e.g., NSU Fact Book, catalogs, and handbooks) 8. o n signage in specified areas 9. in advertisements Shark Logo Full-Body Shark Graphic NSU Art Museum Logo NSU University School Logo The NSU University School logo is the primary graphic identifier for NSU University School. The logo is designed to be used in one color. The color usage is Pantone® color PMS 287 (blue). Alternative colors are black or white. The full, spelled-out name of Nova Southeastern University is part of the logo and should not be left off. NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale The NSU Art Museum logo is the museum’s primary graphic identifier. The logo should be used as supplied by the Office of Publications and not recreated or modified. The logo is to be rendered in black or white. NSU University School Logo