NSU Style Manual and Publications Service Guide

50 Proofreaders’ Marks It all started last week. new paragraph Everyone was there. It was really fun. no paragraph We had 4 people in the spell it out I saw twenty games. use numerals When we visited OR I saw do not abbreviate Gone with the Wind was a italics will not be permitted boldface bought cereal cereal for delete new building an example insert word always wal ked to the end delete space threw a deeppass to the end insert space at Barney Smith, we make transpose Robin williams was very capitalize inside Our house stood lowercase need to buy laser printers let it stand A Discussion of Truth center by R.G. Smith flush left served eggs bacon, cheese insert comma hes really going to be insert apostrophe I want more, she replied insert quotation marks finally dropped the curtain insert period Insert material as indicated Delete Restore deleted material Close up: print as one word Transpose Spell out Insert space Move to the right Move to the left Center Begin new paragraph Insert parentheses Insert brackets Insert comma Insert semicolon Insert colon Insert period Insert question mark Insert ellipses Insert apostrophe Insert quotation marks Insert hyphen Insert em dash Insert en dash Capitalize lowercase letter Lowercase capital letter Set in roman type Set in boldface type Set in italic type