Student Organization Handbook

7 request, all other sources of funding must also be included. This includes funding from your national organization, receipt of local dues, approved fundraising, or any other source of funding. You can check with the business administration coordinator regarding the availability of any donations made to your organization. You should carefully plan how you are going to spend your budget each year. Select the competitions or conferences you need to attend or the number of volumes you need to publish and then divide, with your faculty adviser's approval, your budget accordingly. If you overspend on one competition or printing one volume, you will be limiting funds for other uses. Plan the luncheons, banquets, cost of trophies, etc., to which you intend to allocate your promotional funds (account code 4380) for this year. Should you wish to transfer funds within your budget between account codes, these must first be approved by your faculty adviser, the dean of students, and the director of finance and administration. The law school’s Office of Finance and Administration will assist you in creating a spreadsheet record of your expenditures, updating you on your budget, and providing you the tools necessary to manage your budget, but ultimately it is your responsibility to manage your budget. Should you need information regarding your expenditures and account balances available, please contact the business administration coordinator. A copy of the university’s monthly Banner report listing the status of your account will be provided to the leadership of the organization and faculty adviser so you can reconcile your spreadsheet with Banner. *Effective July 1, 2020, the College of Law will no longer reimburse travel cost for individuals/coaches who are not full-time NSU employees. FUNDRAISING/SOLICITATIONS Any student organization wishing to solicit funds or engage in a fundraising activity to underwrite the event(s) must receive prior approval from the dean of the Shepard Broad College of Law. This is necessary to coordinate fundraising and development efforts at the Shepard Broad College of Law. Please make such requests, in writing, to the dean of students prior to making any solicitations. For SBA-funded organizations, all fundraising proceeds, monies solicited, and receipts must be deposited to their respective fee accounts Office within 24–48 hours of