Student Organization Handbook

6 BUDGETS FISCAL YEAR The budget for the fiscal year starts July 1 and ends on June 30. Therefore, expense reimbursement requests received after June 30 must be charged to the following fiscal year. It is your responsibility to submit all expense reimbursements in a timely fashion. SBA-FUNDED ORGANIZATIONS For non-honors/SBA-funded organizations, funds are distributed through NSU Law’s SBA. Funding is then administered through the Office of Student Affairs. Please submit your fund requests to the president and the treasurer of the SBA (typically mid to late August). The Student Activity Fee Accounts Office manages these organization accounts and provides policies and procedures. Please refer to the Student Activity Fee Accounts Office Manual for detailed instructions on reimbursements and funding requests, available at HONORS ORGANIZATIONS Funds allotted to your organization are from the budget of the Shepard Broad College of Law. All NSU accounting and auditing policies and procedures must be followed as set forth by the university and Shepard Broad College of Law. Each student group will be notified regarding the amount of funds allocated to its organization and how the funds may be spent. Most funds are earmarked to support the mission of the organization (participating in competitions or printing journals) and may not be transferred to other areas of the budget. Leadership of NTA, International Citator , ILSA Journal , Law Review, and Moot Court will be contacted during the fiscal year (typically late September or early October) and instructed to submit its budget request for the following fiscal year. Moot Court competitors who are not members of, or sponsored by, the Moot Court Society will also be contacted by the law school’s Office of Finance and Administration and instructed to seek funding for these competitions. In addition to listing the organization's anticipated expenses or competitions’ anticipated expenses in your