Student Organization Handbook

5 FINANCIAL MATTERS FINANCIAL TRAINING Per NSU policy, all registered treasurers and presidents whose organizations are funded through the SBA must be trained at least once, annually, by the Student Activity Fee Accounts Office. This training is valid from July 1–June 30 of each year, to coincide with the fiscal year. Student organizations must submit their roster of upcoming officers prior to the start of each fiscal year so they may be added to the Canvas Training Manual . The Student Activity Fee Accounts Office will NOT process any transactions/request for funds until the treasurer of the student organization has completed the required training. Please find the student activity fee fiscal year time line in Appendix B. Honors organizations secure funding through NSU Law’s Office of Finance and Administration. These organizations are funded each academic year from the law school’s budget. It is imperative that organization leadership liaise with the Office of Finance and Administration for updated information pertaining to reimbursements, payments, and expenses. FACULTY ADVISERS AND THE FINANCIAL APPROVAL PROCESS Every student organization must have a faculty adviser, and each organization is required to notify the dean of students with the name of your current faculty adviser. You should confer with your adviser frequently, as his or her experience and guidance are invaluable. Your faculty adviser should be informed and involved in everything you do, including, but not limited to, selection of competition coaches, all fundraising activities, and all expenditures for travel, supplies, etc. Your faculty adviser must approve your organization’s expenditures of $100 or more. Reimbursements of expenditures less than $100 may be submitted without faculty adviser approval. Your faculty adviser’s approval is an indication that the proposed dollar amount seems reasonable, but it does not necessarily mean that the funds are available or that the funds will be released.