Student Organization Handbook

4 in the organization bylaws or constitution. Student members of the cocurricular organizations are responsible for knowing and following these requirements. PROCEDURES FOR REQUESTING STUDENT INFORMATION Any student organization or faculty adviser that requests information regarding a student member from the Office of Student Services must provide an authorization signed by the student allowing the release of the information. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) requires that student records be treated as confidential information. The university FERPA policy and release of information form can be found on the NSU website at /services/ferpa.html. Please follow the procedures outlined below when requesting information regarding students from the Office of Student Services. 1. Your faculty adviser must forward the request along with the appropriate authorization to the dean of students. Please allow 10 business days for a response. 2. The written request must include the nature of the request, the reason for the request, and the persons who will have access to the information requested. 3. If the request is for confidential information about a student, a Release of Information form signed by the student must be attached to the request (Appendix A). 4. Any person who receives student information is bound to treat that information as confidential and use it only for the purpose for which it was released. ACADEMIC STANDING FOR ORGANIZATION PARTICIPATION (continued)