Student Organization Handbook

3 Responsibilities of an Adviser Include • assisting in planning programs, especially when identifying speakers for panels and other such program activities • meeting regularly with officers and chairpersons • resolving conflicts between members • reviewing requests for funds for availability and appropriateness of funding requests • overseeing treasurer to ensure accurate budgeting and record keeping • auditing the student organization account • enhancing continuity of the organization by orienting new officers and members • serving as liaison between the organization and the College of Law It is recommended that advisers attend student fee account training found at Advisers will be a responsible part of the process of auditing the student organization account at the end of the term. OFFICER ELECTIONS INFORMATION All student organization officers must be elected by March 31 of each year. By the end of the academic year, each organization must notify the dean of students and the director of finance and administration of the names, contact information, and positions held by each officer, as well as the name of the faculty adviser. Each organization must provide the dean of students with a copy of its current bylaws by the start of the academic year. Any organization that does not provide the required information in a timely manner will be considered inactive and will not receive SBA funding and will not be able to schedule any events or meetings. ACADEMIC STANDING FOR ORGANIZATION PARTICIPATION All student organization officers, board members, and competition participants must remain in good academic standing. This rule applies even if credit cannot be earned through participation in the activity. A student must relinquish any leadership position when the student’s cumulative grade point average falls below the GPA as specified in the student organization’s bylaws. Student members of cocurricular organizations may be subject to additional GPA requirements to be considered in good standing for that organization as defined