Student Organization Handbook

2 GENERAL INFORMATION LAW STUDENT ORGANIZATION POLICIES All student organizations are under the disciplinary jurisdiction of the Office of Student Conduct. All student organizations and groups are subject to the rules and policies of Nova Southeastern University (NSU), including, but not limited to, the NSU Student Handbook, and are subject to the NSU Law Code of Academic Regulations. STARTING A NEW STUDENT ORGANIZATION Students seeking to start a new student organization organized under and funded by the Student Bar Association (SBA) must meet with the dean of students to discuss the approval process. All student organizations must be approved by the faculty. The dean of students and the president of the SBA must be provided with a New Student Organization Form (, proposed bylaws, constitution, the name of the secured faculty adviser, and the name of the organization’s board members. If the proposal is accepted by the dean of students and the president of the SBA, the dean of students shall forward the information to the dean of the law school with a request that it be placed on the agenda for approval at the next faculty meeting. Upon approval by the faculty, the president and the treasurer of the new organization must meet with the president and the treasurer of the SBA for formation and financial guidance. The president and the treasurer of the new organization must also complete student fee account training. FACULTY/ADMINISTRATOR ADVISERS Each organization must have a full-time faculty or administrator assigned as an adviser. Students must consult with the dean of students before assigning or changing an adviser. Students, however, reserve the right to request a change in adviser, if an adviser fails to, or is unable to carry out the assigned duties effectively. The duties of an adviser include, but are not limited to, providing overall direction and guidance for the organization.