NSU Residential Living Guide 2020-2021

NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY 9 Counseling Services College students are in a transitional period in their lives and dealing with many things, such as relationship issues and stress. The Graduate Assistant for Student Counseling is a counselor that offers office hours to residential students. Henderson Student Counseling Center, (954) 424-6911 or (954) 262-7050, located at University Park Plaza off University Drive, is also free of charge to students and offers excellent services to the student population. Safety and Security Safety and security of the residential population is our primary concern. The staff provides an on-call duty system as well as collaborating with Public Safety, (954) 262-8999, and Davie Police Officers, (954) 693-8200, assigned to the NSU campus. All residents and staff are required use their NSU SharkCards to gain access to the parking lots and buildings. In Goodwin Hall, the Commons, Mako Hall and Rolling Hills Building A and C, students are required to sign in their guests and show their SharkCard upon entering the building at 24 hours a day. All residents are required to carry their NSU SharkCard and use them to enter the building. All halls are equipped with security cameras and students need to play their part to assist us with creating a safe environment. You, the resident, are our security assistant: please do not prop doors, leave your doors unlocked, or bring guests you do not know well into the halls. Please make sure to report any suspicious behavior or concerns to a Residential Life and Housing or Public Safety staff member immediately. The programs give you an opportunity to meet others, learn outside of the classroom, and relax with your peers. Residential programming funds are also available to any resident to hold a social or educational program for the residential community. Residential Mediation For many of you, this is the first time you will have a roommate. You and your roommate will create a roommate agreement. If conflict or communication concerns arise, we offer professional mediation and conflict coaching services. You and your roommate are individuals, with particular interests, goals, likes, and dislikes. If conflicts do arise, speak with your roommate first; talk a problem through before it becomes a major conflict. If this step is not successful, then you should talk with your RA. Your RA is trained and experienced in dealing with these problems and should be able to assist you with developing a good roommate relationship. Your RA can also schedule an appointment to go through mediation if conflict continues. Remember, you are also your roommate’s roommate. For mediation, please contact the Graduate Assistant for Mediation at studentmediation@nova.edu or ext. 27256. Educational Disciplinary Process It is the University’s philosophy that students are responsible adults. You are responsible for knowing and maintaining university rules and policies. The university staff is responsible for enforcing regulations in order to maintain an environment that is safe and conducive to study, but it is to your advantage to avoid problems before they begin. An attitude of “How does what I’m doing affect others?” will build a community of residents who regulate themselves, therefore, ensuring that everyone’s rights are protected. If policies are violated, students will go through an educational disciplinary system. More information is available at nova.edu/studentconduct.