NSU Residential Living Guide 2020-2021

RESIDENTIAL LIVING GUIDE 10 her. If conflicts arise, such as one roommate studying late or another playing the stereo too loud, do not let your frustration build. Talk about your concerns in order to come to a mutual understanding. Although it may be awkward at first to talk about these issues, you may prevent hurt feelings later by laying ground rules early. Asking and discussing these issues first, before proceeding with an action, can result in greater trust and respect. Establish Rules Roommates need to discuss the following areas to gain an understanding of each other and learn to compromise. Please make sure you complete a roommate agreement together early on. Your RA can assist with this process: Use of each other’s belongings: y y What items of yours are OK for me to borrow or use? y y Which are strictly off-limits? Sleeping habits: y y Are you a heavy or light sleeper? y y Do you snore? y y What time do you go to sleep? y y What time do you get up? Room cleaning: y y How neat and clean do you want the room? y y How do we decide who cleans what and when? Living with a Roommate Living with another person has so much potential for personal growth. Most people enjoy the company of others, and a roommate can be one with whom you share opinions, interests, and good times. However, sharing a room can sometimes result in a few problems. Moving away from home, where you may have had your own room and bathroom, and into a room that you now share with someone else may require adjustment for both you and your roommate. Experience shows that those roommates who get along well usually work at getting along well. It is not necessary to share every aspect of college life together. Whether or not you develop a lifelong friendship with your roommate, learning to accept each other’s differences without infringing on one another’s rights can be a valuable part of your education. Remember, developing a good relationship is a process. It does not take place overnight; it takes time and effort. Here are a few hints to help you become a good roommate: Communicate Sit down and talk about habits, preferences, moods, and values at the beginning of the semester. Even if you room with your “best friend,” you may be surprised to find out some things you did not know about him/