NSU Residential Living Guide 2020-2021

NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY 11 You and your roommate are individuals, with particular interests, goals, likes, and dislikes. You may not choose to share every aspect of college life with him/her. If conflicts do arise, speak with your roommate first; talk a problem through before it becomes a major conflict. If this step is not successful, then you should talk with your RA. Your RA is trained and experienced in dealing with these problems and should be able to assist you with developing a good roommate relationship. You can also contact the Office of Mediation Services for a one-on-one conflict coaching appointment. Your RA can also schedule an appointment for you to go through roommate mediation if conflict continues after it has been appropriately addressed. Remember, you owe your roommate the courtesy of speaking with him/her first. In any roommate situation, you should treat him/her with respect, consideration, and openness. All roommates are required to go through the mediation process before a room change will be allowed. For more information on how to handle roommate conflicts, please visit the Residential Mediation Program website at nova.edu/studentmediation. Telephone: y y How late can someone call? y y How do we leave messages for each other? Smoking : y y NSU is smoke free, no smoking is allowed in any residence hall room. Entertaining guests: y y What about guests dropping by? y y How often? y y How late should they stay? y y How about weekend visitors? y y Are we okay with having guest stay the night? (Keep in mind the guest policy only allows for a guest to stay three nights in a 30 day period and only if your roommate approves.) Studying: y y How much do you study? y y When and where do you study? y y How quiet does the room have to be while you study? Music: y y What kinds of music do you like? y y How loud? y y Will you use headphones? Room Temperature: y y How hot or cold do you like the room? Room Decoration/Arrangement: y y How will we decorate/arrange the room? Food: y y What about food in the room? y y Do we share? Roommate Tips for Success y y Be willing to compromise. Set the tone to solve a problem, not complain about it. y y Be assertive. Stand up for yourself. y y Ask your RA or the conflict coaches for suggestions when there is a concern. RAs are trained to help mediate conflicts.