NSU Residential Living Guide 2020-2021

RESIDENTIAL LIVING GUIDE 8 The Residential Experience Living in university housing is one of the most notable experiences associated with being in college. While the primary function of NSU’s residence halls is to provide students a place to sleep and study, the Residential Life and Housing staff is committed to making our halls genuine living/learning centers for today’s students. Your residence hall is your home, a place to relax and enjoy yourself in an atmosphere appropriate for studying. The Office of Residential Life and Housing encourages an integrated learning community for residential students that supports the student affairs mission to foster student success and a university community. The above mission and goals are met through the following: Community Life Living in the residence halls provides a unique opportunity to live with a diverse peer group. You, the resident, are the most influential factor in your community. As such, you, along with your floor mates, will create guidelines for community life. If conflicts do arise, speak with your other community members first. Your RA will mentor the floor and assist in the facilitation of community guidelines when needed. Your RA will also come by to check in and see how things are going. In addition, the Residential Life and Housing staff provides quality social and educational programming in areas such as diversity awareness, community service, faculty interaction, academic support and social interaction. Residence Halls Leo Goodwin Sr. Hall The Leo Goodwin Sr. Residence Hall was opened in the 1992–1993 academic year. This state-of-the-art residence hall facility will house 400 students during the academic year. *Leo Goodwin Sr. Residence Hall is the primary undergraduate facility for students with 0–30 credits. The Commons The Commons opened in the August of 2007. This state-of-the-art living learning community includes 501 student beds, classroom and meeting space, 16 community living rooms, 16 study rooms, and plenty of indoor and outdoor common space. Founders, Farquhar, and Vettel Halls These apartment style residence hall facilities will house approximately 55–60 undergraduate residents each during the academic year. Cultural Living Center The Cultural Living Center (CLC) houses approximately 200 students year-round in an apartment style community. Its unique balcony structure makes it a popular choice for undergraduate students. Rolling Hills Apartments The Rolling Hills Residence Hall opened in August 2008. The Residence Hall is approximately 1 mile west of the NSU Fort Lauderdale/Davie campus and houses approximately 373 students. It has unique resort-style private pool for the Rolling Hills community. Mako Hall Mako Hall opened August 2019. The apartment style community houses 608 students. Mako is also home to Razor’s Edge Shark Cage student-operated businesses. The community also has a huge engaging community courtyard!