NSU Residential Living Guide 2020-2021

NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY 33 NSU SharkCards Students are required to carry their SharkCards at all times and to present their SharkCard when requested by authorized University personnel, which include but are not limited to staff members of the following: Residence Halls, Food Service, Student Life, Bookstore, Library, Recreation and Wellness, Office of the Dean of Student Affairs, Public Safety, Financial Aid, Registrar, and Bursar’s Office. Students may only use their SharkCards and are prohibited from using the SharkCard of another student. Any alteration or illegal use of a SharkCard is prohibited. Possession of a blank, forged, stolen, borrowed, fictitious, counterfeit, or unlawfully issued driver’s license or identification card is prohibited. False SharkCards may be confiscated and destroyed. Making or possessing instruments and materials for counterfeiting SharkCards, driver’s licenses, or any forms of identification are prohibited. Posting and Solicitation Policy Any publicity or marketing to be placed in the Residence Halls must be approved by the Associate Director of Residential Life or designee. No publicity will be allowed that includes any reference to alcohol or drugs or that contains any discriminatory wording or crude graphics. Approval of all publicity is at the final discretion of the Residential Life and Housing Senior Staff. To post flyers on all RA bulletin boards, please provide 48 copies of the flyer. The flyers will be posted and Disruption of Community Students must be aware of how their behavior affects the community at all times. Disruption of smooth community living or infringements on the rights of others may result in disciplinary action. Door Propping Propping of exterior doors in the halls is strictly prohibited as it could affect the safety of the residential population. Students are responsible for un-propping doors that they find propped. If a student is found in violation of this policy, he/she may be fined $100 per occurrence. Door propping includes opening a side door to allow someone in or entering a side door at any time. Continual violation of this policy in the same area may result in common area billing. Entrance into the Residence Halls Entrance into Leo Goodwin Hall, The Commons, Mako Hall and Rolling Hills Goodwin Hall and the Commons have security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Students living in Goodwin Hall, the Commons, Mako Hall and Rolling Hills must show their SharkCard when entering the building when security is present. The Leo Goodwin Sr. Hall, Commons and Rolling Hills residents must go to the main lobby to sign in any guest with the security personnel. Failure to carry a SharkCard upon entrance after three times in one term will be charge $25 per occurrence and possibly additional judicial action. Entrance into Founders, Farquhar, Vettel, Cultural Living Center Students living in Founders, Farquhar, Vettel, and Cultural Living center must use their NSU SharkCard when entering the building. Failure to carry your NSU ID upon entrance after four times will result in a $25 charge per occurrence and possible judicial action. Guests are required to call the resident and the resident is required to come down to the door and let the student in.