NSU Residential Living Guide 2020-2021

RESIDENTIAL LIVING GUIDE 32 Courtesy and Quiet Hours In all residence halls courtesy hours or reasonable quiet is expected. Quiet hours Sunday through Thursday from 10:00 p.m.– 9:00 a.m. and Friday and Saturday from midnight to 9:00 a.m. It is your right as well as your responsibility to let your roommates and neighbors know if their activity is disrupting you. Stereos, radios, televisions, musical instruments, telephones, and all conversations must be kept to levels that will not interfere with the study or sleep of other residents. No drums or electrically amplified musical instruments, including microphones, may be used in student rooms. During Final Exam Periods: quiet hours are 24 hours a day- these dates will be determined by the NSU academic calendar. Criminal Convictions Policy Applications for on-campus housing are subject to review by the Associate Dean of Student Services and the Assistant Dean of Student Development. Pursuant to such a review, on-campus housing may be denied based on concern for the safety and security of the student and/or the on-campus population. All criminal record statements submitted as part of the housing application will be reviewed and additional information may be requested. In the event of a conviction occurring after the submission of the Agreement, it should be provided in writing to the Director of Residential Life and Housing within ten (10) days of the conviction. At that time the committee will review the conviction and make a determination about the continuation of on-campus housing. See B15 page 30 of the Student Handbook , this code states in part: while enrolled at NSU, students have a continuing duty to disclose all of the above, along with any arrests or pending criminal charges within 10 days of any arrest or charges are filed. Each incident will be judged on a case by case basis. Providing Alcohol to Minors Providing alcohol to minors is strictly prohibited. Students of Legal Drinking Age You may responsibly possess and consume alcoholic beverages in your room or common apartment area/living room. You may not consume alcohol in hallways, breezeways or other open community spaces, lounges or lobby areas inside or outside of buildings. The Roommate Rule If you are of legal drinking age, the only student(s) under the age of 21 who can be present in your room, suite or common apartment area while alcohol is being consumed is your roommate(s). If underage guests are present in your room, there can be no consumption of alcohol by you anywhere in the room, suite or apartment, even if you are of legal drinking age. Animal Policy No pets or animals of any kind, other than fish (maximum 20-gallon tank) or approved service/assistance animals are allowed in the residence halls or on the property immediately surrounding these facilities. Students who are found to have pets in their rooms/apartments will incur a $100 charge per occurrence and disciplinary action. Feeding of outside/stray animals in the vicinity of the residence hall is strictly prohibited. All service/assistance animals must be approved by Student Disability Services. More information may be found at nova.edu/ disabilityservices . Beds Raising or altering beds by any method (such as concrete blocks or bed risers) is not allowed in any housing facility. Beds in some residence hall communities can be raised, lowered or bunked by placing a work order request. Constructing lofts is prohibited in NSU’s housing facilities. Waterbeds and other water furniture are prohibited.