NSU Residential Living Guide 2020-2021

RESIDENTIAL LIVING GUIDE 34 subject to the full extent of law enforcement, student conduct violations, and Housing and Residence Life Agreement violations, including immediate housing agreement termination. Paraphernalia Drug paraphernalia is considered items possessed with or used in conjunction with controlled substances, which include but are not limited to the following: hookahs, whippets, water pipes, bongs, pipes, syringes, containers, clips, etc. Prescription Drugs Prescription drugs must be in the original pharmacy container from a licensed pharmacist with your legal name listed on the label. Your prescription drugs must be used only as directed by your doctor. Possession or use of marijuana, even if prescribed is prohibited. See page 29 in the Student Handbook (nova.edu/studentconduct ) . Presence Students present in a housing unit where controlled substances are used or sold may be considered to be possessing or using controlled substances and may be subject to housing agreement termination and disciplinary action. Responsibility for Contraband Items In the event that any items prohibited by University policies, state laws, or local laws are discovered in University residences and ownership cannot be determined, each of the assigned occupants of the resident unit having knowledge of the presence of or having access to the contraband are considered to be in possession of the items for disciplinary reasons. Safety-Related Policies The following are primary types of unacceptable group or individual behavior: y y The projection or dropping of any object or materials which litter University property or which may cause injury to persons or property. Students may not removed by the RA. To post large posters in each hall, please provide 6 large posters to be posted and removed by the Office of Residential Life and Housing. When making large quantities of flyers, please bring one to be stamped and make copies after. No publicity can be hung on individual doors of residents. All chalking of the sidewalks surrounding the residence halls must be approved in advance. All approved publicity must be in compliance with the following posting guidelines: y y No marketing materials are allowed to be placed on cars; y y No marketing materials can be taped on the glass doors to any of the halls; y y All materials must be copied by the organizations sponsoring the event; y y All student group and Greek events must have prior approval from the Office of Campus Life and Student Engagement; y y All publicity materials must be posted with 3M multi-surface tape; y y All events must have direct sponsorship by a recognized NSU office, club or organization. Solicitation includes the distribution of flyers, announcements, and posters, as well as sales, fundraising, and donation seeking in the Residence Halls. Door to door solicitation in the residence halls is prohibited. The Office of Residential Life and Housing must approve any solicitation in the halls. For more information on solicitation and posting outside the residence halls, please refer to the current NSU Student Handbook. Residential Drug Policy The illegal possession, use or sale of or any attempt to obtain any illegal drug, drug paraphernalia or controlled substance (including marijuana) is strictly prohibited in the residential facilities. If you choose to possess and/or use illegal controlled substances/paraphernalia, you may be