NSU Residential Living Guide 2020-2021

RESIDENTIAL LIVING GUIDE 18 Wireless Internet NSU Wings is the wireless internet portal ( https://wireless.nova.edu ) designed to help students easily register their wireless devices. Students may register up to 5 devices using their mac address. utilize the residence hall mail system, Shark Link, Residential Management System (RMS) and a NSU email account and are responsible for information distributed through these means. Use of Room Space If a resident resides in a room alone, the Office of Residential Life and Housing may move a student into the vacancy at any time. y y In some instances, the student may not be notified in advance if the situation warrants an immediate move. This type of situation is unusual, but does occur. y y The room must be maintained at all times in a manner that would make it possible for another student to feel comfortable moving in. y y All original University property must be present in the room (i.e. beds, dressers, desks, etc.). y y Closet, bed, desk, and dresser space must remain available. y y Any resident who is in a single double, double, triple and quad occupancy room must be prepared to receive a roommate at any time. This means keeping your belongings in only one portion of the room so that the new roommate has space for his or her possessions and will feel welcome. Inappropriate use of vacant space will be addressed by residential life and housing staff members and may be addressed through the judicial process. Vending Machines Vending machines are located in all residence halls. Please take care of these machines and report any vandalism to break-ins immediately to Public Safety. Refunds for money lost in the residence hall vending machines can be reported to Business Services. Machine malfunctions should also be reported to Business Services in a timely manner and refunds of lost money will be reimbursed by the Director of Business Services.