NSU Residential Living Guide 2020-2021

NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY 19 Lofts, even if freestanding, are not allowed. If constructed without permission they will have to be immediately disassembled and discarded at the cost of the residents. Objects may not be placed on windowsills or ledges. Students who violate this policy will be fined $25 per occurrence. The care of the individually assigned rooms in the halls shall be the responsibility of each occupant. Upon initial occupancy of an assigned space, each resident shall review and sign a room assessment form attesting to the condition of the room and its furnishings. When a resident checks out of a room, the room will be inspected for damage. Damage done to an individual room will result in an assessment to the individual room occupant or both room occupants jointly and/or separately. Damage to a common area or the building as a result of the action of residents will result in an assessment to all residents responsible. If the responsible individual(s) cannot be determined, the entire building community may share the cost of the damage to the wing, the floor, or the entire building. Air Conditioning In order to assist with the regulation of the air conditioning units, students in all residence halls must keep their windows closed. Air conditioning temperatures in every hall is preset to university standards and tampering with air conditioning units and or opening your window will result in a minimum of a $150 fine and disciplinary action. Care of Rooms and Facilities It is expected that all residents maintain reasonable standards of cleanliness in their rooms, and that rooms will be kept clear of trash and waste. Resident-caused conditions that contribute to substandard health and safety of the residents and that require recurring maintenance attention may subject the student to disciplinary action. For your safety and the general good of the community, NSU Staff reserves the right to enter the room you are occupying at any time for any reason. Each resident is responsible for the University property and furnishings in the assigned space. This includes the room or apartment door/room number tag. Changing room number tags is an alteration of the room or apartment and is a policy violation. Alterations of the physical structure or property of the residence halls by students is not permitted without the written authorization of the Office of Residential Life and Housing. This includes lofts or any other wooden structures. Facilities