NSU Residential Living Guide 2020-2021

NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY 17 room change procedures he/she will be fined a $100 improper room change fee. y y If a resident fails to check out with the RA after they have moved to the new room, residents will be charged $100 for improper checkout and $75 for a lock change. y y Sometimes, a room change may involve a difference in room rate. The Manager of Student Housing Assignments will inform residents of any rate increases/ decreases during the room change process. y y The AC coordinating the room change will follow up with the residents a week after they have moved to insure a successful transition. Unauthorized room changes will result in disciplinary action and a $100 improper check out fee. Storage There is no space available for student storage in the residential area. Students cannot use common areas, janitorial closets, outdoor stairwells, or electrical closets for the storage of any personal property. Nova Southeastern University shall not be responsible for any loss resulting from the disposal of any property found in these areas. Student Contact The Office of Residential Life and Housing will use hall communication systems to get information to the residential student population. Students are given access to y y Prior to seeking a room change, the resident should meet with the/resident’s Resident Assistant (RA) who may be able to provide assistance with a difficult room/suitemate experience. y y The RA will review the roommate contract. This form presents seven of the most common issues that roommates are likely to encounter with one another and provides an opportunity to address the issues pro-actively rather than confronting the issues after they have occurred. y y After meeting with the residents, the RA will file an incident report within 24 hours and contact the Area Coordinator (AC) to give an update of the situation. y y The AC will contact the residents within 24–48 hours to discuss the situation. The AC will determine if a mediation session will offer a beneficial resolution. y y If a mediation session is to be scheduled, the GA for Mediation will contact the residents within 24–48 hours to schedule a day and time for the mediation session. y y As a result of the mediation dialogue, the residents may agree to stay in the room and create a new roommate contract. If the residents decide to move to another room, they must work with the AC in a timely manner to fill out a “Room Change Form.” y y The AC may also be able to recommend a swap between residents in the same area if there is a mutual request between the residents. y y If the AC has approved a room change, residents are given 48 hours to move to the new room, check out with their RA, and properly check in with their new RA. If the resident fails to follow the