NSU Residential Living Guide 2020-2021

RESIDENTIAL LIVING GUIDE 16 purchasing Renter’s Insurance information can be found at the Office of Residential Life and Housing. Room Assignments The Office of Residential Life and Housing reserves the right to consolidate students at any time. Assignment of a space in the residence halls shall be contingent upon final admission to Nova Southeastern University, receipt of the properly completed Residence Hall Contract, payment of the $500 housing deposit, proof of insurance or request for NSU Student Health Plan activation, and proof of immunization. Assignments will be based upon credits and availability in each hall. Nova Southeastern University is an equal opportunity institution. Roommate assignments will be made without regard to ethnic origins, race, religion, or physical limitation. ONLY assigned students may occupy residential space. Space may not be sublet or grant extended access to other persons. Space assignments may be changed by the Director of Residential Life and Housing, or designee, in the interest of order, health, disciplines, or best use of the facilities, solely at the discretion of the Director of Residential Life and Housing or designee. Room Changes The Office of Residential Life and Housing reserves the right to consolidate students at any time. At the beginning of each Fall, Winter, and Summer semester, there is a two week freeze on room changes. Additionally, within the first week of the academic semester, roommates will complete a roommate contract with the help of their RA. After the freeze period ends, please see your RA if there is a roommate conflict. Residents who move without adhering to the following process may incur additional fees to the student’s bursar account. All residents must follow the room change process when seeking a room change: Mail is not delivered on Saturdays, major holidays and other special holidays. Once a student checks out of the residence halls, mail will be forwarded for one year. Students are responsible for contacting the appropriate people and agencies with their address change. Failure to return the mail key and complete the appropriate mail-forwarding card will result in you being charged with a $75 improper check out and a lock replacement fee. It is policy of both Residential Life and Mail Services NOT to accept any incoming mail or packages with a Cash On Delivery (C.O.D.) status. Please contact the United States Post Office at 1(800) ASK-USPS for other C.O.D. receiving options. Married, Domestic Partnership, and Family Housing Married and/or domestic partnership housing is available and the student must provide a copy of the marriage certificate or domestic partnership certificate along with the ap- plication for housing. Family housing is not available at this time in the residence halls at Nova Southeastern University. Right to Refuse to Enter Agreement The University reserves the right to refuse to enter into any contract for residence hall accommodations with any student. Renter’s Insurance Students may wish to purchase Renter’s Insurance, since the University is not responsible for loss or damage to your personal items. Insurance Coverage should be arranged before you move into your room. Renter’s Insurance is available from most major insurance companies. In most cases, students are not covered under their parent’s homeowner’s policy unless a special rider is arranged. The University is also not responsible for property damage caused by natural disasters, such as hurricanes, or from facilities-related issues, such as A/C leaks or appliance outage. More information on