NSU Residential Living Guide 2020-2021

NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY 15 LaundryView LaundryView is an Internet application that allows you to monitor the status of washers and dryers in laundry rooms through a Web browser. LaundryView was developed in response to requests for greater control over laundry activities. Since many people tend to do their laundry in the afternoon and evening, it results in frequently busy periods in the laundry rooms. LaundryView’s mission is to help you save time by providing information about the current state of laundry room equipment wherever you have access to a browser or e-mail messages. Residents can access the washing machines and dryers online in each residence hall through laundryview.com . Mail Service Each on-campus resident is REQUIRED to have a mailbox in either Leo Goodwin Hall, Mako Hall, the Commons, or Rolling Hills Building A. Mail is placed in student mailboxes Monday–Friday. If you receive special mail or packages, a notification slip will be placed in your mailbox. You will need to bring this slip and identification to the following mail room depending upon the hall you live in to obtain your package: y y Leo Goodwin Sr. Hall Mail Center for Leo Goodwin Sr. Residence Hall, Founders, Farquhar, Vettel, and Cultural Living Center residents y y Commons Mail Center for Commons Residents y y Rolling Hills Mail Center in Building A, Room 130 for all Rolling Hills residents y y Mako Hall Mail Center for Mako Hall Residents Packages will only be distributed between 9:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m.– 5:00 p.m., Monday–Friday. In order to check mail, students living the Cultural Living Center, Founders, Farquhar, and Vettel Residence Halls will need to show identification to the desk staff in Leo Goodwin Sr. Hall. follow proper procedures in the event of a cancellation of the Contract may result in the imposition of a $500 cancellation fee. Cancellation Fees If a student has paid a housing deposit and decides not to enroll at Nova Southeastern University, the student will incur a cancellation fee based on the date of cancellation: Fall Semester Cancellations between: January 1st and May 31st................ $200 June 1st and June 30th.................... $300 July 1st and check-in day................. $500 Winter Semester Cancellations between: September 1st and October 31st...... $200 November 1st and November 30th... $300 December 1st and check-in day....... $500 Summer Semester Cancellations between January 1st and February 28th......... $200 March 1st and March 31st................ $300 April 1st and check-in day................ $500