Optometry Student Handbook 2024-2025

College of Optometry (CO) 2024–2025 114 Reexamination and Remediation Policy In the event of course failure, the department chairs and the associate dean for Academic Affairs will review the student’s academic performance and status along with any additional relevant information. Should the review reveal that the student is eligible for a reexamination, such reexamination will be scheduled. While pending the reexamination, students will be placed on academic probation. Should the student fail the reexamination, not be eligible for reexamination, or not meet the conditions for repeating the academic year, the student will be academically dismissed. The academic guidelines are found in the Academic Standing section in the College of Optometry Student Handbook. Reexaminations for courses failed during the second and third year will be given prior to the third week of the subsequent term, because passage of second- and third-year courses is considered to be a prerequisite to continuation in the clinic. All other reexaminations for courses failed during the fall term that are prerequisites for coursework in the winter term will also be given prior to the third week of the winter term. All reexaminations will be scheduled by the administration. It is the students’ responsibility to inform themselves of the exact dates set by the administration and to hold themselves available for reexaminations, as scheduled. A student who fails three courses in a single term is not eligible for any reexaminations because such record mandates dismissal. Similarly, students are entitled to no more than the allotted number of course failures (based on their year of matriculation, as stated in the Academic Dismissal section of this handbook) in an entire academic career. Didactic Courses Students receiving a failing grade may be entitled to a reexamination if all the following conditions are met: 1. The student has failed no more than two courses in the semester. 2. The student has not reached the limit of allotted number of course failures for the duration of the student’s academic career. 3. The reexamination is not in conflict with an existing performance agreement. 4. The student takes the reexamination within the specified time period delineated by the administration. If a student fails a didactic course and subsequent reexamination, the student can be granted a final opportunity to pass the course by repeating the academic year. To qualify, the student must be in good academic standing as described below. 1. The student must submit, in person, a hard copy letter to the assistant dean for Student Affairs and Admissions within five business days from the notification of the results of the reexamination. This letter must include a. a request for the repeated year option b. a description of the actions to be taken by the student to ensure future success in the course and program