Optometry Student Handbook 2023-2024

College of Optometry (CO) 2023–2024 115 Procedure to Appeal Mandated Academic Dismissal The associate dean for Academic Affairs will monitor the academic progress of all individual students, and, when a student incurs a mandate for academic dismissal, the associate dean will notify that student—in writing, via hand delivery, and via mail to the student’s last official address on file with NSU—that the student is dismissed. The first step in the chain of appeals for a student who wishes to dispute a mandated academic dismissal is the SPAC. To implement this appeal, the student must submit a letter to the chair of the SPAC within five business days of the date that the notification of dismissal was sent by the college. This letter must specify the basis for the appeal. The chair of the SPAC will schedule a hearing on the student’s appeal in a timely fashion. The student will be permitted to present the case to the SPAC in person. This hearing shall be closed to everyone except the SPAC membership and the petitioning student, although witnesses may be called by either side. The SPAC will reach a decision and make a recommendation to the dean, who may endorse or modify the outcome. The student will be notified of the dean’s decision in writing, either via email to the student’s NSU email address, certified mail to the student’s address on file, or via hand delivery with receipt. The petitioner may appeal the dean’s decision to the Appeals Board of the CO (see below). A student may not introduce new issues or evidence that was available or should have been available at the time of the initial appeal to the SPAC at any stage of the sequence of appeals. While a student’s appeal is under consideration, the student may continue to attend classes and laboratories to avoid further academic liability should a decision in the student’s favor be rendered. A student may not engage in the delivery of clinical care during the appeal process. In appealing a mandated academic dismissal, a student may not bypass any element in the chain of appeals. The initial appeal must be directed to the SPAC, and all subsequent appeals must follow the sequence outlined above. Appeals Board Decisions of the dean may be appealed to the Appeals Board of the CO. Students who elect to follow this route should seek the input/advice of the assistant dean for Student Affairs and Admissions. Appeals Board Hearing Guidelines The student appeals hearing is an informal proceeding and consists of four members and a chair. The hearing shall be internal, private, and closed to nonuniversity persons. Nonuniversity personnel are not available for consultation during these hearings. All procedures and actions are aimed to safeguard and preserve the educational and developmental mission of the CO. Appeals Board Responsibilities The appeals board will hear all student appeals of decisions made by the dean of the CO relating to either dismissal or disciplinary actions as defined in this student handbook. If a student appeals the decision of the dean, the appeal must be in writing and submitted to the chair of the appeals board