Optometry Student Handbook 2023-2024

College of Optometry (CO) 2023–2024 113 If a student fails a didactic course and subsequent reexamination, the student can be granted a final opportunity to pass the course by repeating the academic year. To qualify, the student must be in good academic standing as described below. 1. The student must submit, in person, a hard copy letter to the assistant dean for Student Affairs and Admissions within five business days from the notification of the results of the reexamination. This letter must include a. a request for the repeated year option b. a description of the actions to be taken by the student to ensure future success in the course and program 2. The student must meet with the assistant dean for Student Affairs and Admissions for guidance/ counseling regarding the prospect of academic success in the repeated year. 3. The student must sign a performance agreement that outlines specific expectations and objectives that include, at a minimum, the following: a. T he requirement that the student will pass all repeated courses in the repeated semester or year, without a reexamination. b. The requirement that clinical skills acquisition laboratory courses, including those in the optometric theory and methods (OTM) sequence, will be repeated regardless of prior performance. c. The understanding that, if the student earned a grade of A- or higher in specific courses, the student may not be required to repeat the course. d. T he acknowledgment that the student will be on academic probation for the repeated semester or year and the restrictions specified in the current College of Optometry Student Handbook will be followed. e. The acceptance of any other activities and expectations that are specified after an administrative review of the student’s academic and personal situation. f. The statement that performance agreements may not be renegotiated. g. A n agreement that the terms of the agreement will not be discussed with any other NSU student. Once the repeated semester or year has been successfully completed, the student will return to good academic standing and continue in the program. Students enrolled in the extended (five-year) program who fail a reexamination will be evaluated on an individual basis. If the student passes the reexamination, the student will receive a grade of C-, which will be used in calculating the GPA. A student may not be granted a second reexamination in any course. Failure of a reexamination results in a mandate for dismissal.