Optometry Student Handbook 2023-2024

College of Optometry (CO) 2023–2024 98 Kenneth Seger O.D., M. Sc., FAAO Chair, Clinical Education Room 1446/Ext. 21446 The chair ensures and administrates the clinical education and training of the optometry program primarily within the clinic sites of the Eye Care Institute. The chair oversees the clinical chiefs in such areas as primary care, pediatrics/binocular vision, visual rehabilitation, contact lenses, and electrodiagnostics. Mariem Abdou, O.D., M.S., FAAO Director of External Residency Programs Room 1498/Ext. 24239 The director oversees the external residency programs and is responsible for the coordination and collaboration with external clinical entities. Alexandra Espejo, O.D., FAAO Director of Externship Program Room 1474/Ext. 21474 The director coordinates the fourth-year external clinical program as well as the fourth-year primary care and clinical rotations within the Eye Care Institute. Pinar Haytac, O.D., FAAO Director of Internal Residency Programs Room 1462/Ext. 21452 The director oversees the internal residency programs and is also directly responsible for organizing all of the clinical and didactic activities for the in-house residencies. Bin Zhang, M.D., Ph.D. Director of Graduate Studies Program Room 1494/Ext. 21450 The director is responsible for overseeing the administration and enhancement of the Master of Science in Clinical Vision Research degree and the certificate program. Mission Statement The mission of the College of Optometry is to educate and train optometric physicians to practice at the highest level of proficiency, integrity, and professionalism and to provide a multidisciplinary environment that encourages and supports scholarship, community service, and lifelong learning. Goal 1 Students will graduate from the program with the necessary skills and knowledge to practice optometry. Goal 2 Students and faculty members will participate in scholarly activities.