NSU HPD Catalog 2021-2022

190 College of Pharmacy—Advanced Standing Program the student plans to be licensed. The directors of experiential education will provide assistance and guidance to students regarding pharmacy practice experiences and earning required hours. International students with questions regarding the validity of their visa for issuance of a Social Security number should contact the Office of International Students and Scholars by phone at (954) 262-7240 or 800-541-6682, extension 27240, or by email at intl@nova.edu. Graduation Requirements— Advanced Standing Graduation requirements for students in the Advanced Standing Doctor of Pharmacy degree program are the same as the Entry-level Pharm.D. program, except advanced standing students must successfully complete all curricular requirements and assessments within five academic years. Advanced Standing CurriculumOutline These courses are representative of the overall requirements of the program at the time of publication. Updates to the curriculum will be posted online at pharmacy.nova.edu. First Year—Summer Semester Credits PHRC 5811 Foundations of Pharmacy I 2 PHRC 5812 Foundations of Pharmacy II 5 Total 7 First Year—Fall/Winter Semesters Credits PHRC 4990 IPPE: Community Pharmacy 4 PHRC 5800 Patient and Physical Assessment 2 PHRC 5813 Foundations of Pharmacy III 2 PHRC 5832 Integrated Disease Management II 4 PHRC 5833 Integrated Disease Management III 4 PHRC 5863 Essentials of Professional Practice III 2 PHRC 5873 Evidence-Based Practice III 2 PHRC 5883 Leadership and Professional Development III 1 PHRC 5893 Integrated Pharmacy Applications III 2 PHRL 5813 Pharmacy Skills Development III 1 PHRC 5910 Immunology and Clinical Microbiology 2 PHRC 5934 Integrated Disease Management IV 3 PHRC 5935 Integrated Disease Management V 5 PHRC 5964 Essentials of Professional Practice IV 2 PHRC 5974 Evidence-Based Practice IV 2 PHRC 5984 Leadership and Professional Development IV 1