NSU HPD Catalog 2021-2022

College of Pharmacy—Advanced Standing Program 189 • Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. 101 West Pleasant Street, Suite 200 Milwaukee, WI 53212-3963 (414) 289-3400 • ece.org • SpanTran: The Evaluation Company 2655 Le Jeune Road, Suite 602 Coral Gables, FL 33134 (305) 749-0333 • spantran.com It is the applicant’s responsibility to have this coursework evaluated. An official course-by-course evaluation with a cumulative grade point average must be sent directly to PharmCAS or Nova Southeastern University. 3. In order to be considered for admissions, applicants must submit all required documents, including all official test scores from the testing center, directly to NSU’s Enrollment Processing Service at the address below. Nova Southeastern University Enrollment Processing Service College of Pharmacy Admissions 3301 College Avenue, P.O. Box 299000 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33329-9905 Program Requirements All students must purchase an iPad or personal computer for assignments and assessments, and have an active account with an Internet service provider. In addition, students must have ongoing access to a computer capable of connecting to the Internet and playing streaming video files. Online course notes and discussions will be provided to the student through an online course management system. Nova Southeastern University will provide access to email, online databases, and library resources. It is recommended that all students have their own personal transportation, due to the inconsistency of reliable public transportation. During the final year, all students return to their respective campuses for live instruction and board exam preparation at designated times. Tuition: Advanced Standing Program All tuition and fees are subject to change by the board of trustees without notice. Tuition for 2021–2022will be posted online at pharmacy.nova.edu. Fees and Deposit—All Programs • Acceptance and Preregistration Deposit—$1,000. This deposit is required to reserve the accepted applicant’s place in the entering, first-year class. This deposit will be deducted from the tuition payment due on registration day, but is not refundable in the event of a withdrawal. It is due within three weeks of an applicant’s acceptance. • Pharmacy General Access Fee—$145 per annum. • NSU Student Services Fee—$1,500 per annum. • Registration Fee—$30 per semester. • Certification Fee—$130 per certification. • Late Payment Fee—All tuition and fees not paid within 30 days after the start of the semester will incur a $100 late fee. • College of Pharmacy Fees—Additional fees will be incurred for national certifications, pharmacy testing, and other college-approved activities. These fees are estimated at $1,000 over the course of the program. The first semester’s tuition and fees, less the nonrefundable, $1,000 deposit, are due on or before registration day. Tuition for each subsequent semester is due on or before the appropriate registration day. Students will not be permitted to register until their previous financial obligations have beenmet. The financial ability of applicants to complete their training at the college is important. Applicants should have specific plans for financing their professional education. This should include tuition, fees, iPad or personal computer, computer-related expenses, health insurance, books, printing, required equipment, and living and other miscellaneous expenses. Each student is required to carry adequate personal medical and hospital insurance. For more information about NSU’s required health insurance, visit the website at nova.edu/bursar/health-insurance. International/Student Visa Information It is the applicant’s responsibility to contact the Office of International Students and Scholars for information on immigration regulations and student visa requirements at Nova Southeastern University Attention: Office of International Students and Scholars 3301 College Avenue Fort Lauderdale, FL 33314-7796 (954) 262-7240 800-541-6682, ext. 27240 Fax: (954) 262-3846 Email: intl@nsu.nova.edu nova.edu/internationalaffairs/students Pharmacy Intern Licensure Uponmatriculation, students are eligible to apply for pharmacy intern licensure. Licensure is a requirement for all NSU Pharm.D. students and for placement on pharmacy practice experiences. All students must have a valid U.S. Social Security number to apply for and receive the necessary pharmacy intern license(s). Without the appropriate intern license(s), a student cannot complete the curricular requirements. Internship hours must be completed within the guidelines of the Florida Board of Pharmacy, as set forth in the Rule, Chapter 64B16-26 and by the Board of Pharmacy in any state in which