Fraternity & Sorority Life Manual

13 When the emergency action takes place, the Assistant Dean of Student Engagement or designee will: a. Inform the student organization of the emergency action. b. Inform the student organization that a preliminary hearing will take place to provide an opportunity to explain why emergency action should or should not be taken. The organization will be informed of its time, place, and date; and c. Inform the student organization of the possible restrictions that may be imposed prior to an administrative conference. The preliminary hearing should take place within two (2) business days of the emergency action. At this hearing, the student organization shall have the opportunity to demonstrate to the Assistant Dean of Student Engagement, or designee, that emergency action is not necessary. The hearing shall be internal, private, and closed to non-university personnel. Legal representation or any other form of representation is prohibited during the hearing. If the organization fails to appear, a decision may be made in default based upon the information available at the time of the preliminary hearing. Based on the reasonable evaluation of the information presented at the preliminary hearing, the Assistant Dean of Student Engagement, or designee, shall notify the student organization within 24 hours of the decision to: a. Dissolve the emergency action and take no further action. b. Dissolve the emergency action but proceed to an administrative conference; OR: c. Sustain or modify the emergency action until such time as a resolution is researched following an administrative conference. Roles, Responsibilities, and Expectations Changes in Organizations It is the responsibility of the organization to notify the Fraternity and Sorority Life Office within seven (7) business days of any changes or additions to their rosters or officers. This includes disaffiliation, change in membership status and officer transitions. Role of Coordinator of Fraternity and Sorority Engagement and GA for Fraternity and Sorority Life Programming The Coordinator of Fraternity and Sorority Engagement and the Graduate Assistant for Fraternity and Sorority Life Programming serve as the advisors who work with the recognized Fraternities and Sororities on campus. Together they oversee the activities of the organizations, the governing councils, and act as advisor and mentor for the organization’s leaders and members. Role and Responsibility of International Headquarters Advisor (IHQ Advisor) Organizations should also have a chapter representative appointed by their inter/national organization to also assist with the chapter. IHQ Advisors should: • Have a desire and willingness to assist students in meaningful and productive way. • Recognize and support participation in student organizations for their contribution to the educational and personal development of students.