Fraternity & Sorority Life Manual

26 NIC (North American Interfraternity Conference): The national group of 62 men’s fraternities in North America. Representatives from each national fraternity get together to promote fraternities across the country. They work to promote fraternities and Fraternity and Sorority Life. NPHC (National Pan-Hellenic Council): The national umbrella organization for historically African-American fraternities and sororities. The nine NPHC organizations are sometimes collectively referred to as the “Divine Nine (D9)”. NALFO (National Association of Latino Fraternal Organizations, Inc): The national umbrella coalition to promote and foster positive inter-fraternal relations, communication, and development of all Latino fraternal organizations through mutual respect, leadership, honesty, professionalism, and education. Neophyte (Neo): A term used by multicultural organizations when referring to new members. New Member/Pledge: A term used to refer to a new member of a fraternity or a sorority. After the recruitment period, new members learn the history of their national and local chapters, learn the ideals and principles of the group, get to know their fellow new members, and get to know the initiated members. New Member Presentation: A term used by UGC groups to designate the time when new members of such groups come out to the campus. Those joining a group are generally not known and thus it is a time when the new members are revealed. Typically strolling/ stepping/saluting is demonstrated as well as testimonials from the new members. Parents and other students are generally in attendance. Order of Omega: National Honor society that recognizes and promoted Greek leadership and scholastics. Philanthropy: An effort, project, or service to raise funds for a charitable project sponsored by a fraternity or sorority. Potential New Member (PNM): A student who has a possible interest in becoming a member of a fraternity or sorority is eligible to participate in the recruitment events. Quota: The specific number of new members that Panhellenic sororities may accept during formal recruitment. Recruitment/Rush: This is the time when fraternities and sororities recruit new members. CFC and PC usually recruit within the start of each semester (PC sororities usually recruit within the first three (3) weeks of fall semester only) For UGC groups, their recruitment process is referred to as an “intake process” because of the nature of their process and held during winter/spring semester. Recruitment Counselor (Rho Gamma): An initiated member of a fraternity/sorority who guides potential new members through formal PC sorority recruitment. Ritual: The sacred ceremonies practiced by every chapter of a Greek letter organization. These are generally secret. Saluting: A means by which members of an organization can praise a particular member within their organization or to honor the organization’s past and current accomplishments (A tradition unique to Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc.) Signs: A display of organization pride expressed by hand symbols. (Please do not: reenact an organization’s sign. It is a sign of disrespect.) Strolling: The traditional dance or “party walk” performed by culturally based fraternities and/or sororities. Unified Greek Council (UGC): The governing body for multi-Cultural organizations (typical NPHC and NMGC groups) at NSU. Yard: A term used by NPHC groups to indicate the campus. Use in phrases such as which groups are on the yard, meaning which groups are on the campus. Disclaimer: Please note that Nova Southeastern University and the Fraternity and Sorority Life Office reserves the right, at any time and at its sole discretion, to alter, amend, change, modify, delete, revise, or restate the terms of this manual and may do so without providing advance notice to any existing council or organization, any applying organization, or any other council or organizations.