Fraternity & Sorority Life Manual

12 • Suspension: The organization has been separated from NSU for a specified amount of time In addition to administrative action(s), the action plan includes educational, reflective, and/or restorative outcomes with the purpose of assisting the chapter leadership in creating organizational change. Many of these outcomes are aimed at preventing the reoccurrence of behavior and misconduct. • Educational Outcomes: can include workshops, training, seminars, presentations, and other learning experiences. • Reflective Outcomes: written assignments, potential meetings with impacted parties, and other activities intended to promote reflection about the organization’s impact on others. • Restorative Outcomes: can include letters of apology, community restitution service, monetary restitution, and mediation. (9) Appeal. A decision as outlined in an official Decision Letter, excluding those decisions made in default, may be appealed by the chapter president, on behalf of the organization, within five (5) business days of the decision. Such appeals shall be in writing, state the basis for the appeal, and be delivered by email to the Assistant Dean of Student Engagement. Appeals must fall into one of the following categories: a. The student organization has new, relevant evidence that was not available during the investigation or adjudication that would substantially alter the outcome of the case. b. Information that the applicable university procedures were not followed, and the deviance would substantially alter the outcome. c. The sanction(s) do not relate appropriately to the violation. Appeals shall be heard by the Assistant Dean of Student Engagement, or their designee. The appellate officer shall not be the same conduct/discipline officer that heard the original case. The decision of the Assistant Dean of Student Engagement, or designee, will be final. (10) Emergency Action. The Assistant Dean of Student Engagement, or designee, may take emergency action when: (1) immediately necessary to secure the health or safety of any persons and there is an alleged violation of the Student Conduct Code; (2) involves an allegation of prohibited discrimination; and/or (3) when the student organization poses a threat of disruption or interference with the normal operations of the University. Emergency Action includes, but is not limited to: a. Immediate interim suspension of the student organization from the University. b. Restrictions on the organization’s participation in University Sponsored Activities; OR: c. Loss or restriction on the privileges associated with university recognition. During an interim suspension, the organization shall be required to discontinue all organizational activities. The organization will be denied access to all University activities and privileges for which the organization might be eligible.