2024 NSU Fact Book

2024 FACT BOOK 61 ATHLETICS Advisory Council Chair: Chip Lafferty BARRY AND JUDY SILVERMAN COLLEGE OF PHARMACY Community Leadership Council Chair: Richard K. Brook COLLEGE OF DENTAL MEDICINE Board of Counselors Chair: Mel Rothberg DR. KIRAN C. PATEL COLLEGE OF OSTEOPATHIC MEDICINE Leadership Council Chair: Elaine Wallace DR. PALLAVI PATEL COLLEGE OF HEALTH CARE SCIENCES Department of Anesthesia (Fort Lauderdale, Denver, Jacksonville, Tampa Bay) Associate Dean and Chair: Robert Wagner Department of Audiology Chair: Erica Friedland Department of Cardiopulmonary Sciences Respiratory Therapy (Palm Beach— first-professional and postprofessional programs) Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy Chair: Lisa Farach Department of Health Sciences Cardiovascular Sonography (Tampa Bay) Chair: Samuel Yoders Medical Sonography Chair: Akiva Turner UNIVERSITY ADVISORY BOARDS AND COUNCILS u Department of Occupational Therapy (Fort Lauderdale, Tampa Bay) Doctor of Occupational Therapy (entry level) Dr.O.T. in Occupational Therapy Ph.D. in Occupational Therapy Chair: Tamara Penchevsky-Font Department of Physical Therapy (Fort Lauderdale, Tampa Bay) Doctor of Physical Therapy Doctor of Philosophy in Physical Therapy Chair: Shari Rone-Adams Department of Physician Assistant—Master of Medical Science (Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Jacksonville, Orlando) Chair and Associate Dean: William Marquardt FARQUHAR HONORS COLLEGE Dean’s Alumni Advisory Board HALMOS COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES AND THE GUY HARVEY OCEANOGRAPHIC RESEARCH CENTER Dean’s Development Council Chair: William (Bill) Gallo HEALTH PROFESSIONS DIVISION Board of Governors Chair: Barry J. Silverman H. WAYNE HUIZENGA COLLEGE OF BUSINESS AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP Board of Governors Chair: Paul Sallarulo Accounting Advisory Board Chair: Joey Epstein Human Resource Advisory Board Chair: Ryan Shea, M.B.A.