2024 NSU Fact Book

2024 FACT BOOK 99 The establishment of NSU’s Farquhar Honors College in 2015 reflects the importance NSU places on promot- ing excellence across all degree levels and disciplines. NSU takes pride in becoming one of the approximately 200 U.S. universities (out of more than 4,000 colleges and universities) to house an honors college. Through curricular and cocurricular activities, the Honors College provides a rich educational experience for highly motivated and high-achieving undergraduate students of all majors. HONORS COLLEGE INITIATIVES The Honors College hosts events and supports pro- grams open to qualifying students, alumni, faculty and staff members across the university, and members of the community. This inclusiveness brings together learners; educators; and inquisitive minds from various academic backgrounds, industries, and organizations. This program supports opportunities for hands-on learning, individualized study (including the Honors Thesis), special recognition, study abroad, exclusive workshops and seminars, and discussions with guest speakers. It also provides an inclusive learning environment that stimulates creative think- ing and intellectual curiosity. UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT SYMPOSIUM NSU’s Undergraduate Student Symposium, hosted by the Farquhar Honors College, showcases the outstanding scholarship of NSU undergraduate students through student poster displays; oral, film, and multimedia presentations; and research reels across all disciplines. HONORS STUDENT OPPORTUNITIES Honors students have the opportunity to - engage in unique, thought-provoking programs and courses - benefit from the mentorship of Honors faculty members - question and discuss international issues from the perspective of multiple disciplines - develop and participate in research and creative projects - explore cultures from around the world - develop an appreciation for the arts - contribute to team endeavors and serve in leadership roles in the classroom, in campus organizations, and in the larger community - become part of an active network of current students and college alumni - receive support in pursuing distinguished national and international fellowships and scholarships - participate in the Honors College’s entertainment and social activities HONORS COLLEGE PILLARS Honors College initiatives and projects are aligned to learning outcomes known as the Honors Pillars, which are expected for all Honors students. Students develop a four-year program to enhance strengths in these five domains. Honors faculty members are highly vested in these outcomes, mentoring students to develop and advance these academic plans. - Inquiry—Demonstrate the skills in scholarship and research necessary to succeed in graduate or professional school and/or the workforce. - Innovation and Creativity—Recognize and apply multidisciplinary approaches to analyzing and solving problems. - Global Awareness and Sensitivity—Discuss international matters and engage with cultures from around the world. - Art and Culture—Analyze and appreciate cultural artifacts. - Ethics and Engagement—Demonstrate a commitment to ethical principles through engagement in the community. Farquhar Honors College