2023 Division Of Research Annual Report

NOVA S OU T H E AS T E RN UN I V E R S I T Y Student Research Degree Level: graduate Program: Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine and research fellow, NSU Institute for Neuro-Immune Medicine RESEARCH Areas: genetics and sickle cell disease Interests: diseases that are not well understood, funded, or appreciated in the medical field Implications: improved health care Upcoming: academic medicine, including teaching residents, and conducting my own research Mentor: Lubov Nathanson, Ph.D. Jackson Gamer Gamer I knew I wanted to make an impact and do research in an area that was going to be helpful for people with diseases that are not given a lot of light in the medical field. Dr. Nathanson guest lectured on genetics, and I was so interested that I reached out to her. During my OMS-I and OMS-II years, I helped her with data analysis and then received a research fellowship to work with her on myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) and Gulf War illness. My advice is to find someone who can be a great mentor.” Degree Level: undergraduate Program: Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience RESEARCH Area: neural mechanisms and linguistics Interests: executive control in linguistically diverse populations Implications: revealing the link between linguistic and nonlinguistic executive control Upcoming: pursuing a Ph.D. through the biomedical science program at Florida International University Mentor: Mercedes Fernandez, Ph.D. Recognition: research awards presented at the Life Sciences South Florida STEM symposium and by the Society for NeuroSports Erika Cabrera Ranaldi “In addition to studies related to executive control or cognitive control mechanisms, I am also studying differences on neuropsychological tests of verbal abilities between Spanish/ English bilinguals and English monolinguals. This work has the potential to improve diagnostic accuracy of neuropsychological evaluations in non-native English speakers.” Cabrera Ranaldi 31