2023 Division Of Research Annual Report

Zakariyah Mujeeb Mujeeb Degree Level: undergraduate Program: Bachelor of Science in Biology combined with Razor’s Edge Research Scholars program RESEARCH Areas: neuroscience and pharmaceuticals Interests: cardiovascular disease and diabetes Implications: alternative treatments to drugs that block production of a needed hormone that regulates blood pressure Upcoming: a gap year to pursue career development opportunities Mentor: Robert Speth, Ph.D. “As a freshman, I was excited by Dr. Speth’s presentation. I reached out through email to see if I could join his lab. Students usually get matched with a research mentor during their sophomore year. This early start has been invaluable to my current level of success. My two grandparents have diabetes. The main focus of Dr. Speth’s lab is the renin- angiotensin system (RAS). I’m investigating the relationship between the two.” 32 IMPRESSIONS CONTINUED Student Research Degree Level: graduate Program: Doctor of Psychology—four years of coursework, two years of required practicum, one year internship RESEARCH Areas: psychodynamic therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy Interests: populations experiencing grief, trauma, depression, and anxiety Implications: facilitate a healthy grieving process for patients Upcoming: become a clinical psychologist/neuropsychologist Mentors: Charles Golden, Ph.D., ABPP/ABCN, and Christopher Layne, Ph.D. Daniella Maciel Maciel “My neuropsychology interest originated from experiences with friends and family members personally affected by stroke, or who are stroke survivors. I was eager to understand the impact stroke and vascular dementia have on people’s lives, and to pursue how methods of assessing for early signs of dementia can be improved. After working at the psychodynamic clinic with patients experiencing anticipatory grief and maladaptive grief reactions, I discovered a new passion. My future plans build on both backgrounds.”