2023 Division Of Research Annual Report

30 IMPRESSIONS CONTINUED Degree Level: undergraduate Program: dual admission degree for Bachelor of Science in Biology and Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, combined with the Razor’s Edge Global program RESEARCH Areas: nutrition, dietary and nutraceutical interventions, cancer research, and medicine Interests: medicine and health Implications: bring knowledge back to my home country to help advance health care and science Upcoming: simultaneous pursuit of Master of Science in Nutrition and Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degrees, while helping more international students gain space in the scientific and medical communities Mentor: Amanpreet Cheema, Ph.D. “I am originally from Brazil, but the research and medical field opportunities were limited there. After two years of high school in Australia, I came to the U.S. for undergraduate studies. Through all these experiences, I realized the importance of staying connected to my roots and learning about other cultures. Out of 151 medical schools in the U.S., only 49 accept international students. I chose NSU for its dual admittance program. Connecting with Dr. Cheema for a research opportunity literally opened doors for me.” Emanuella Brito Brito Degree Level: graduate Program: Doctor of Psychology—four years of coursework, two years of required practicum, one year internship RESEARCH Area: forensic psychology Interests: marijuana use, depression, and anxiety in college students Implications: competency to stand trial, burnout in corrections professionals, effects of COVID-19, and online sexual offending Upcoming: juvenile offenders project Mentors: Thomas D. Kennedy, Ph.D., and David Feldman, Ph.D. Isabelle Anillo Anillo “Acceptance in the forensic concentration of NSU’s Psy.D. program has allowed me to work with professors doing research in various aspects of corrections and criminal justice, as well as take special classes related to forensics. I hope to work with incarcerated individuals, including violent sexual offenders. My practicum provided exposure to working in a jail with adults and juveniles, which has strengthened my interest in criminal justice reform and researching this population.” Low res