2023 Division Of Research Annual Report

NOVA S OU T H E AS T E RN UN I V E R S I T Y Culture Concerns Improving unmet health and education needs among the Caribbean diaspora of South Florida is one goal for Farzanna Haffizulla, M.D., MACP, FAMWA. Florida is home to 1.6-million Caribbean immigrants, representing nearly 41 percent of the nation’s entire Caribbean immigrant population. Haffizulla’s current study aims to quantify social determinants of health relevant to this group in Broward County. By identifying the social and/or economic conditions that impact their health, culturally appropriate materials regarding nutrition and other health information can be developed. According to her previous findings published in the Annals of Global Health, heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes are leading causes of death among Caribbean peoples, with rates of obesity exceeding the national average. GAILLARD-KENNEY CAVANAUGH HAFFIZULLA LEVY Dignity and Pride What health care challenges do LGBTQ seniors face in Broward County? Arkene Levy, Ph.D., set out to find out. A needs assessment sent to 200 individuals identified major challenges. This guided a pride fair held at NSU offering health screening, health care counseling, and resource sharing. Community seniors were also invited to an eight-part monthly wellness seminar series with speakers who are experts in LGBTQ mental wellness for seniors. Levy also sought to improve long-term health care information for LGBTQ seniors. To further close the health disparities gap for such marginalized groups, Levy and colleagues integrated learning into the allopathic medicine curriculum, allowing students to interact with LGBTQ seniors and learn about their health care needs directly. 27 Scan for more. Scan for more. Scan for more. Scan for more.