CHCS Strategic Plan 2020-2025

Nova Southeastern University, Copyright © 2019 23 Continuing Pursuits:  Centralized processing for enrollment, allowing greater efficiencies so that academic centers can make more informed and expedient decisions  Integration of mix-use research/office, retail, hotel/conference, financial, governmental, and residential “academical village” into the main campus  Development and construction of a university center - a facility allowing the integration of athletics, student wellness/fitness, and the arts - with a desire to accommodate more effective student engagement  Increased levels of student self-reported satisfaction with service provision  Increased compatibility of academic program calendars  Continued centralized use of technology to achieve financial and/or operational efficiencies Enhancing University Endowment and Development Continuing Pursuits:  Increase the university endowment and unrestricted philanthropy  Increase the level of alumni philanthropy and direct engagement with NSU Demonstrating Commitment to NSU’s Mission and Values Continuing Pursuits:  Establish an electronic Strategic Plan 2005 with readily accessible linkages to and from various entry points within NSU’s web site  Develop and broadly disseminate a brief brochure version of the Strategic Plan  Expand the number and type of published materials that include the Mission and Values