CHCS Strategic Plan 2020-2025

Nova Southeastern University, Copyright © 2019 24  Develop and implement the use of posters, banners, and other devices to display the university’s Mission and Values  Develop student activities associated with individual Values  Establish an employee award program based on demonstration of dedication to individual Values Enhancing Economic and Venture Development Continuing Pursuits:  Establish an Office of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer  Develop and implement institutional policies and procedures related to intellectual property and technology transfer  Create an institutional environment supportive of faculty, student, and staff interest in technology transfer and facilitative of broad commitment to its pursuit  Identify and reallocate existing resources for the support of technology transfer initiatives that demonstrate potential benefits to the university and its collaborative organizations  Support internal cross-discipline initiatives and multi-institutional endeavors that will facilitate institutional enhancement through economic development and technology transfer  Establish a faculty development program designed to facilitate faculty pursuit of technology transfer initiatives  Pursue collaborative ventures with the public and private sectors, including the State University System, that will facilitate mutually beneficial economic development, support joint technology transfer initiatives, and facilitate dissemination of research advances to the public.