CHCS Student Handbook 2018-2019

Nova Southeastern University Student Handbook 27 • consumption or use of alcohol by any person younger than the age of 21 • intoxication requiring evaluation and/or treatment by emergency personnel • possession or use of any paraphernalia that enables the playing of ‘‘drinking games’’ or other activities that encourage binge drinking • unlicensed distribution of beverage(s) containing alcohol, including the purchase for and/or delivery of alcohol to any individual(s) younger than the age of 21 • operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of beverage(s) containing alcohol, or possession of open containers of beverage(s) containing alcohol, while in a vehicle, or while parked or in operation • public intoxication on campus or at university sponsored events or programs, regardless of age B.2 Animals No pets or animals, other than fish, are permitted on campus, including all residence halls, with the exception of assistance animals (trained service animals or approved emotional support animals). The service animal policy can be found on the Disability Services website . Students seeking an approved emotional support animal can refer to the housing accommodation request process online. Students are responsible for the actions of any authorized animal that either they or one of their guests bring onto the campus grounds or into one of the campus facilities. • Students must adhere to the related policies specific to any building or classroom where an animal may or may not be taken. • Damage to property caused by the animal is prohibited. • Injuries to others caused by the animal are prohibited. B.3 Assault To threaten bodily harm—or discomfort to another person or commit or aid in the commission of an act that causes bodily harm and/or other conduct that threatens or endangers the health, safety, and/or welfare of any other member of the university community on or off campus—is prohibited. B.4 Bribery To give, offer, promise, request, solicit, accept, or agree to accept for oneself or another any financial or other benefit with an intent or purpose to influence the performance of any act or omission is prohibited. B.5 Cheating Intentionally using or attempting to use unauthorized materials, information, or study aids in any academic exercise is prohibited.