CHCS Student Handbook 2018-2019

28 Nova Southeastern University Student Handbook B.6 Complicity Students associated with, or present during, the commission of an act(s) by another, which constitutes a violation of university policy, may also be charged if the student’s behavior constitutes permission, contributes to, or condones the violation. B.7 Contracting on Behalf of the University Unless specifically authorized by the appropriate university authority, students may not contract on behalf of the university. Students who attempt to, or enter into, a contract on behalf of the university without proper authorization, are subject to disciplinary action that will result in a hold being placed on university records and transcripts until restitution is made, as well as such other sanctions as may be appropriate. Any contract entered into on behalf of the university by a student without proper authorization is void. B.8 Damage or Vandalism to Property Defacing, littering, or damaging property of the university is prohibited. B.9 Dangerous Items (Explosives, Firearms, Fireworks, and Weapons) Weapons and firearms are prohibited on campus. A weapon includes • any item designed to inflict a wound or cause injury to another person • any item used to harass, threaten, intimidate, assault, or commit battery • any item the university deems dangerous A firearm includes any weapon that is designed, or may readily be converted, to expel a projectile by the action of an explosive; the frame or receiver of any such weapon; and any firearm muffler or firearm silencer. The complete NSU Firearms or other weapons policy is available on the Public Safety website . Additionally, due to safety concerns raised by the Consumer Product Safety Commission regarding hoverboards— and the potential detrimental impact to the safety of our campuses—the operation, storing, and use of hoverboards is prohibited on all NSU campuses and sites and at all university facilities. Those in violation of this policy may be subject to disciplinary action. B.10 Disorderly Conduct Disorderly conduct that is prohibited includes • loud, threatening, or aggressive behavior or any other behavior which disturbs the peace and/or impedes the rights of others; and/or disrupts the orderly functioning of the university • lewd, indecent, or obscene conduct or expression made by any means • disruptive behavior which substantially interferes with, obstructs, or in any way negatively impacts the safety, viewing, or enjoyment of others in the residence halls, classrooms, or at a university-sponsored event, on or off campus