CHCS Student Handbook 2018-2019

26 Nova Southeastern University Student Handbook A.12 University Copyright and Patent Policy Nova Southeastern University seeks to promote respect for intellectual property and a culture of copyright compliance throughout its community. In an effort to ensure compliance university-wide, NSU has published the following policies. • Copyright and Patent • Use of Copyright-Protected Works in Education and Research • Copyright Guidelines for Electronic Course Reserves A.13 University Sexual Misconduct Policy Sexual misconduct is prohibited by Nova Southeastern University. NSU will respond within the scope of its policy and procedures when sexual misconduct is reported to have occurred: • on NSU owned or controlled property • at a university or university-recognized program or activity • regardless of location on or off campus, when the conduct 1) may pose an obvious and serious threat of harm to or 2) may have the effect of creating a hostile educational environment for, any member(s) of the university community This policy applies to the behaviors of all students, employees (including faculty, staff, and part-time employees), visitors, and others affecting the university community. To report a violation or learn more about the sexual misconduct policy, procedures, and resources, visit the Title IX website . Individuals who have experienced a crime of sexual violence, including sexual assault, stalking, and dating/domestic violence, can learn more about their options for getting support on and off campus, as well as for reporting to NSU and local law enforcement. NSU takes all reports of sexual misconduct seriously, and retaliation will not be tolerated toward anyone who reports sexual misconduct and/or participates in an investigation or resolution of a report. Information about confidential resources, rights of all parties, and the procedures for investigating and resolving complaints is available on the Title IX website. Individuals may also contact Laura Bennett, NSU’s Title IX Coordinator, directly at or call (954) 262-7858. The Title IX Coordinator also assists students looking for information about other protections under Title IX, such as those for pregnant or parenting students, transgender or gender non-conforming students, or others who feel they may have experienced discrimination based on their actual or perceived sex or gender in an NSU course, program, or activity. Additional information regarding the specific violations are included in Section C of this handbook. B. Specific Conduct Violations B.1 Alcoholic Beverages Failure to comply with the Alcoholic Beverages Policy (as included in Section A) is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, the following: • possession of beverage(s) containing alcohol by any person younger than the age of 21, including residue or remnants of alcohol that may be found in glassware (this includes the presence of the aforementioned within a student’s room or contained within their possessions or vehicle)