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The clinics at Nova Southeastern University’s Mailman Segal Center for Human Development provide a  comprehensive spectrum of services for children and caregivers. With extensive  knowledge in child development, clinicians provide expert diagnostic and  treatment services to guide caregivers in obtaining the most individualized and  up-to-date information. Knowing that children are different helps clinicians  understand and respect the uniqueness of each child. We provide the highest  level of expertise in our fields and look to caregivers to provide invaluable  expertise regarding their child, creating a dedicated team to assist the child  in achieving success throughout diagnosis and treatment.

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Services provided through the clinics include:

  • Diagnostic Services: Psycho-developmental evaluations are provided for children 18 months - adolescence suspected of having an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), exhibiting developmental delays, or experiencing early childhood behavioral difficulties. Additionally, the clinic serves adolescents with a prior diagnosis of ASD and/or developmental disabilities for reassessment purposes.
  • Autism Education Program: The information provided to families for ASD intervention can be both overwhelming and often times inaccurate. Caregivers struggle to discern quality programs that are evidence-based from those that have little to no success. To address this need, a series of community-based, ongoing seminars and one-on-one caregiver follow-up sessions assist in determining the next steps after diagnosis.
  • Developmental Assessment Clinic Intake Packet
  • For children who refuse to eat an adequate volume of food or for those who limit the variety of food they willingly accept, the Feeding Disorders Clinic works with an inter-professional team to support healthy eating habits and transform mealtimes into successful experiences. With the help of behavioral psychology, nutrition, and speech pathology focusing on oral-motor concerns, the clinic provides comprehensive evaluation and intervention services to support the child and the family with feeding difficulties.
  • Watch this video: Feeding Clinic in the News
  • Feeding Clinic Intake
  • Engaging in significant problem behaviors can  isolate children from peers, decrease ability to learn in school, and lead to  elevated levels of stress in the home setting. The Challenging Behavior Clinic  addresses these concerns through direct support for caregivers via parent  training sessions or individual sessions during which the therapist works  directly with the child (18 months-8 years). Both of these treatments teach the  child adaptive methods to replace problem behaviors with more functional  skills.

The Mailman Segal Center for Human Development is located in the Jim & Jan Moran Family Center Village.

Physical address: 7600 SW 36th Street, Davie FL 33328

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