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Leo Goodwin Sr. Residents

Housing Check-In and Check-Out Information

Step 1: Your Student Account

Please make sure you have satisfied your student account balance. This is accomplished by meeting all financial aid requirements, signing a Promissory Note and/ or signing up for an NSU payment plan. If your student account balance is not satisfied (your financial package covers your entire institutional costs, you have entered into a payment plan or have a signed financial agreement for any uncovered balance) prior to check-in day you will need to report to the Welcome Center located in the Horvitz Administration Building prior to checking into the residence halls to meet with an Enrollment and Student Services (ESS) representative. Prior to check-in day you can schedule an appointment by phone or in-person with an Enrollment and Student Service representative by contacting (954) 262-5200 to ensure you are in good financial standing.

Step 2: Check Your Room Assignment

Before arriving on campus, you will need to log into the Residential Management System (RMS) to check your Room Assignment. At the check-in desk, you will receive your room key, mailing address and other pertinent information.

Step 3: Review Moving Checklist Guide and Bed Linen Requirements

To prepare for moving on-campus, the Office of Residential Life and Housing has put together a list of items you should bring to campus before moving into the residence halls.

  • Moving Checklist for the Residence Halls
    Please Note: This list may not contain all the items you need, and is only intended to get you started in the right direction.

Please remember that the residence halls at Nova Southeastern University have extra long twin beds and it is important to purchase the correct sheet size that fit our beds. Please feel free to use the links below to order what you need:

Step 4: Complete Room Assessment Form

The check-in process includes completion of a room assessment form. Your Resident Assistant will review the condition of your room prior to your arrival. It is your responsibility to review the room assessment form when presented to you by your Resident Assistant. If there are any corrections prior to completion of the room assessment form, you need to contact your RA within 24 hours of your check-in date. When you check-out of your room, the room assessment form will be used to assess the condition of your room once again.

If the condition of your room has changed during your stay, you will be assessed for the repair or replacement of items which may have been damaged or are missing from the room. Once again, it is very important to review the condition of your room carefully upon your arrival. Make certain that any problems are noted and contact your RA immediately after checking into your room. This is your opportunity to attest to the condition of the room. It is also important throughout the semester to report any necessary repairs to your RA.

In an effort to ensure we make our processes easy to navigate, it is important that you review the following information when you decide to check out. You may view any upcoming check-out deadlines further down on this page.  Please keep in mind that these dates represent the last day a student may check out.  Students not returning to housing should be checking out within 24 hours of completing their last final.

Please keep in mind that the below are general check-out procedures, and the actual procedures for your area may differ.  If you have received an email from your Area Coordinator or the Office of Residential Life and Housing with different instructions, please follow those.  Thank you!


General Check-out Procedures

Submit the Housing Contract Release Form so we are aware of your intent to move out:
  1. This step is only necessary for residents who will not be returning to NSU housing for the foreseeable future and will initiate the deposit release process.
  2. Please carefully review the Release Form guidelines to determine if you will owe any cancellation fees or buyout charges as a result of moving out prior to the end of your housing contract.
Clean, pack, and remove your belongings from your room/shared living spaces:
  1. Your room, bathroom, and shared living spaces should be wiped down, swept, and mopped.
  2. Residents who fail to clean their rooms and remove their personal belongings prior to checkout will be charged the cost for facilities to do it for them ($100+).
  3. Ensure any removed university furniture has been returned to the room or apartment prior to checkout. Residents will be charged the cost of replacing  any missing items (costs vary) from the room or apartment. Our staff will not be responsible for relocating or moving furniture on your behalf.
  4. Bicycles must be unchained and removed from bike racks at the time of checkout.
  5. We cannot store personal belongings for any length of time.
Complete an Express Checkout Envelope:

In response to health concerns due to COVID-19-19, we have implemented a contact-less process to facilitate check-out for the residence halls.

  1. You may check out with a Residential Life and Housing Staff Member by scheduling a checkout time with your RA to inform them of your intended date of departure. This schedule date/time does not have to be exact and can understandably change.
  2. At the end of each academic year, you should try to check out during the designated check-out times.  Designated check-out times may differ from building to building.  Please refer to any emails sent by your Area Coordinator or the Office of Residential Life and Housing toward the end of the year for this information.
  3. At the time of your checkout, please remove all personal items from your assigned space and leave it clean. An Express Checkout envelope can be found at the front desk area of your hall. For residents in Founders, Farquhar, Vettel, and the Cultural Living Center, envelopes can be found at the Goodwin Hall front desk.
  4. Complete the envelope in its entirety, place your physical room key inside, and sign it. Place completed envelopes inside of the black, metal lockbox attached to the front desk.
  5. After your departure, a staff member will go to your room and update your electronic Room Assessment Form (RAF). The staff member will notate any changes in the room’s condition. You may view various key and damage charges on Page 20 of the Residential Living Guide. Update Room Assessment Form can be accessed via your Housing Portal.
    1. Staff members can only notate changes in the rooms condition, not assign charges. Cleaning and room damage costs are labor plus the cost of materials. For this reason, these charges will not be assessed to the student’s account until after the work is completed.
    2. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, students will not be charged for normal wear and tear of facilities (ex: out lights, clogged drains and sinks, scuffed floors and walls, small chips in tiles, etc).
  6. Moving out without following the process outlined above will result in a $100 improper checkout charge plus the costs of any cleaning/damage charges as well as unreturned keys.
Return mailbox key and set up mail forwarding address:
  1. Please visit the mailroom for your building during business hours to return your key and to set up a mail forwarding address.
  2. Residential Life and Housing staff members may not accept your mail key for any reason.


Stirit Storage

The Office of Residential Life and Housing has identified a recommended vendor with NSU friendly rates that will assist with packing, storing, and/or shipping your items back to you. This will be the only approved vendor that we will permit to enter your room to collect your belongings. Please visit Stirit Storage or review the attached flyer to learn more information and schedule your item retrieval.


Residents who choose to use Stirit Storage services are required to be present during the time of the company's packing and pick-up.  


Stirit Collection Timeline

March 1, 2021: Enrollment Begins
April 1, 2021:
Enrollment Closes
April 5, 2021:
Students will receive a link to select their preferred pick up date and time.
April 12, 2021:
Stirit Storage will begin storage pick-up
May 2, 2021:
Stirit Storage ends storage pick-up


NOTE: Nova Southeastern University (NSU) is providing the attached flyer from Stirit Storage for packing, storing and/or shipping personal items.  NSU is only providing this information as a courtesy and is in no way endorsing or requiring the use of Stirit.  NSU makes no representations or warranties about the quality of the services provided by Stirit, and NSU will not be responsible or liable for any damage or loss of any kind to items.  Students will need to contact Stirit directly if they wish to use the services.  

Fall 2021

All Residential Students Monday, August 16 - Saturday, August 21* 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM*

In the Fall semester, we use a staggered check-in schedule to alleviate crowding and to promote physical distancing.

Assigned check-in times will be emailed to residents no later than 5PM on Friday, June 25, 2021 after all room selection processes are finalized. Please note that you will only be allowed to check-in during your specific day and time that we have emailed you. If you arrive before your designated check-in time, you will be asked to wait in your vehicle so we ask that you wait on this email to make your travel arrangements accordingly.

Daily, there will be no check-ins between the hours of 12PM and 1PM.

Here are some tips/things to note while beginning to plan your move:

  • Do not plan your travel until you have received your assigned check-in day and time.
  • Each resident can bring no more than 2 adults to help with the move-in process. 
  • Guests will need to depart the building by 9PM EST each day.  
  • Bring your own dolly/hand truck to assist with your move-in.  
  • Bring water and prepare accordingly for hot or rainy weather conditions.
  • There will be limited times to unload vehicles in designated unloading zones (maximum 30 minutes)  
  • Face coverings must be worn in all University common spaces and outside of student rooms. 


For general frequently asked questions regarding Residential Life and Housing at NSU, please visit our FAQs page here.

Winter 2021

All Undergraduate Residential Students Sunday, April 25th, 2021* No Later Than 5:00 p.m.
Graduating Undergraduate Seniors Tuesday, May 18, 2021 No Later Than 5:00 p.m.

Undergraduate Checkout Note:

Please ensure you checkout 24 hours after your last final for Winter 2021. The checkout date of April 25th, 2021 is 24 hours after the last scheduled, undergraduate final. If accommodations are needed until Sunday, May 2, 2021 please inform your Area Coordinator not later than 5PM on Thursday, April 1, 2021.* The May 2nd checkout date  is only for students who have been approved by their Area Coordinator and is the latest a student can checkout of their Winter 2021 assignment.

Summer 2021

All Graduate Residential Students Saturday, July 31st, 2021 12:00 p.m.
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