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Trauma Resolution Integration Program | NSU

Trauma Resolution Integration Program

This program created by Nova Southeastern University's Psycological Services Center treats individuals age 18 and above who have been exposed to a traumatic situation and are currently experiencing problems in functioning as a result of the traumatic experience. Examples of traumatic situations include childhood abuse, rape, physical assault, or a life-threatening accident or injury that creates ongoing distress that interferes with day-to-day functioning and maintaining satisfactory interpersonal relationships.

Whether or not they have experienced a traumatic incident, we also treat Individuals age 18 and above with dissociative experiences that disturb them or that interfere with their ability to function effectively. Examples of dissociative experiences include: "spaciness," difficulty staying focused on the here and now; not feeling real or feeling as if one's surrounding are not real; losing time or not being able to remember entire periods of one's life; and a radically shifting sense of self. A combination of individual psychotherapy and participation in coping-skills training groups form the core of the treatment package we offer. We also provide couples and family therapy to individuals with trauma-related and dissociative symptoms as needed.

Who We Help

This specialized research program serves men and women ages 18 and above who:

  • Are experiencing adjustment problems resulting from childhood sexual or physical abuse
  • Have posttraumatic stress disorder in response to a single event trauma (e.g., crime, natural disaster, serious injury) in adulthood
  • Manifest serious dissociative symptoms
  • Have problems with sexual addiction.
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