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Healthy Lifestyles Guided Self-Change | NSU

Healthy Lifestyles Guided Self-Change

We offer research supported services for people concerned about their alcohol, drug, or tobacco use, gambling, weight-gain, sleep practices, and other lifestyle concerns. The program helps people to help themselves by taking major responsibility for guiding their own change and using their own strengths and resources to resolve their problems.

Who We Help

The healthy lifestyles program at Nova Southeastern University provides services to individuals who have alcohol or substance use problems that are not severe. Free individual smoking cessation services are also available. Our guided self-change treatment is a motivational intervention involving an assessment, four sessions, and aftercare contacts, with additional sessions available if desired. This program is based on evidence showing that many persons meeting the above criteria prefer and are able to take responsibility for dealing effectively with their alcohol or drug abuse. The Surgeon General’s report on Facing Addiction in America (November 2016) describes Guided Self-Change as an appropriate treatment for individuals who have mild alcohol or drug problems.

For more information about our clinic, visit our website: 

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