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Family Therapy Health Care | NSU

Family Therapy

We see people from all walks of life who are dealing with personal concerns, difficult relationships, or children's needs. As brief therapists, we focus on our client's strengths and resources. Our goal is to work with clients to assist them in discovering creative solutions to their unique problems. Our therapists are trained to work with families and individuals of diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds, religious affiliations, and sexual orientations. Most of our clients are able to turn things around in 5 to 10 sessions.

What We Do

Arlene Brett Gordon, Ph.D. - Director

At the Family Therapy Clinic - Brief Therapy Institute (BTI), we can help you find:

BTI Family Therapy Brochure

  • a happier relationship
  • better communication with those who are important to you
  • school success
  • good parenting skills
  • a stronger blended family
  • a healthier intimate relationship
  • a blending of medical and family issues
  • a family that works together
  • safe ways to work through life's challenges
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