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Early Childhood Development | NSU

Early Childhood Development

Positive Discipline

For parents with children 1-5 years of age.

Our early childhood development program is for parents with children of 1-5 years of age and is based on the S.T.E.P. (Systematic Training for Effective Parenting) program. This 6-week, 12-hour course provides knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • understanding early childhood development;
  • developing a parenting style;
  • learning how to identify misbehavior and understanding why children misbehave;
  • building self-esteem;
  • improving family communication and encouraging cooperation;
  • effective discipline skills;
  • handling typical social and emotional challenges.

Lead by a parent educator or early childhood specialist, parents discuss current challenges and learn effective strategies that encourage mutual respect.

Parent Coaching

Parenting challenges often include issues related to sleep, discipline, toileting, mealtimes, sibling rivalry or other behavioral concerns. One-on-one coaching with early childhood specialists will help you explore alternatives, generate solutions and enrich the parenting experience.

To schedule a Parent Coaching session, please contact the Mailman Segal Center at (954) 262-CARE.

Starting Right

Starting Right is an early intervention, parent-child class designed to serve children 18-36 months of age exhibiting delays in language and social skills. The program is designed to increase communication, social and school readiness skills. It also provides caregivers with techniques and strategies to use in the classroom and at home.

For more information, please contact: Heather O'Brien at (954) 262-7117 or

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