2023 Conference Presentations

A Primer on Social Science Theory by Johnny Saldaña

Through Our Lens: A Virtual Photovoice Experience by Ana Guadalupe Reyes

Through Our Lens: Embracing Socially-Just & Anti- ppressive Research by Ana Guadalupe Reyes and Mónica Rodríguez Delgado

10 Lessons Learned from Testing for Accessibility and Usability on a Public Health Website during the COVID-19 pandemic by Liz Hunt, Adam McBride-Smith, and Melissa Hanks

Implementing the Icelandic Prevention Model in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic by Tanya Halsall

A Collaborative PRISMA Review of Nonmedical literature: Lessons Learned by Frederick Lawrence, Danielle Kearns-Sixsmith, Rheanna Reed, and David Mailloux

Opening the Black Box of the Quirkos Qualitative Researcher Journeys Project by Dr Cathy Gibbons

Case Managers: A Qualitative Exploratory Case Study by Pamayla E. Darbyshire

Six Voices of Discovery: Prologue, Monologue, Dialogue, Polylogue, Metalogue, Epilogue by James A. Bernauer

Teachers Perspectives of the Changes to Online versus In-Person Instruction Throughout COVID-19 Pandemic by Ashlee Kemp

Feminist Narrative Research: Shanghai Working Moms, Black Working Moms, Women’s Soul Collage Group and Latina First Generation College Students by Karen Zong, Suji Venkataraman, Constance Pierce, Kathy Medina, and Annabelle Nelson

Teacher Character and Identity Development During Times of Crisis by Cheryl Burleigh, Andrea Wilson, and James F. Lane

Togetherness in Spearation: Practical Consdierations for Doing Remote Qualitative Interviews Ethically by Hilary Engward, Sally Goldspink, and Tom Kersey

Qualitative Data Analysis Retreats: Creating New Spaces for Doctoral Student Analytic Work by Deborah E. Tyndall and Mitzi C. Pestaner

Delivering qualitative research trainings in a post Covid world by Presenter by Zobeida Bonilla

Is Teaching in the Metaverse that Far Off? Lessons Learned from A Higher Education Implementation Case by Marti Snyder, Steve Kramer, Diane M. Lippe, and Sharan Sankar

Cultivating Mutually Beneficial Long Term Customer and Provider Relationships by Chauncelor Howell, Douglas Campbell, and Roger Mayer

Supporting Post-Secondary Transitions: An Instrumental Case Study Exploring College & Career Readiness Through the Lens of Educational Stakeholders by Kathryn Battaglino

Mobile Methods, Go-Alongs, and Walking Interviews (References) by Kathryn Roulston

Conducting Comprehensive & Systematic Qualitative Data Analysis: In-depth Insights into MAXQDA by Joel Drevlow

Getting Out of the Armchair in Qualitative Research: A Constructivist Approach by Lynn Butler-Kisber and Nicole Bourassa

Using Tables to Sucessfully Manage the Data Analysis Process by Arielle S. Blum and Ronald J. Chenail

Understanding Lay Pastoral Care Facilitator Training and Support Needs through Qualitative Engagement by Alexandra “Xan” C.H. Nowakowski, Nik M. Lampe, Nidhi Desai, TomekaNorton-Brown, and Robert L. Glueckauf

Latino/a Clients’ Experience Receiving Mental Health Therapy by Teresa Sypolt and Susana Verdinelli

Spirituality & Positive Psychology: A Qualitative Content Analysis of Exploring Meaningful Perception of Adults' Lives and Their Psychological Well-Being by Alicia Clark

The Underground Railroad: Exploring the Connection between K-12 Recreational Engagement with Hip-Hop and Academic Language by Charity D. Rowe-Marshall

How To Do Systematic Review: Community College Response to the Covid 19 Pandemic World by Mary Stout, Karen Johnson, Michelle Susberry Hill, and Debra M. McCoy

Rethinking Collaboration: Breaking Silos Between Academic and Student Affairs to Foster Collegial Culture by Emmanuel Ikpuri

Working Together (Virtually) as a Research Team to Develop an Indigenous Paradigmatic Approach to Co-Explore (In-Person) with Participants their Mobilization against Irresponsible Practices of Foreign-Owned Companies in Nwoya District, Uganda by Norma R. Romm and Francis Akena Adyanga

Resolving a Shaken World: A Mixed-Methods Investigation of College Students’ Social Media Use during COVID by Gilbert Garza and Brittany Landrum

Teaching About Disability and Ableism Through Reflective Practice by Keri Cameron

Gratitude & Hope Among 2nd Year MFT Students Amid the Covid-19 Pandemic by Alyssa Arredondo & Olivia Hinojosa Galvan

Is It Qualitative Enough? Experience-Based Practices for Data From Synchronous and Asynchronous Physically Distanced Contexts by Sheryl L. Chatfield

Emergency Department Operational Strategies by Joyce W. Davis, Roger Mayer, Wen Wen Chien; and Judith Monestime

Is graduate student qualitative methods instruction adequate? Results from exploratory research by Sheryl L. Chatfield and Kristen DeBois

Teaching the Arts in Testing Times by Lisa Paris

Cultivating Mutually Beneficial Long Term Customer and Provider Relationships by Chauncelor Howell, Douglas Campbell, and Roger Mayer

Conducting Qualitative Research in the COVID-19 Era: Lessons from the Philippines by Safary Wa-Mbaleka

Consequential Learning Through Reflexivity and Art by Kathryn Babb and Megan Mitchell

Learning in virtual spaces: An interactional ethnographic perspective of graduate students embracing uncertainty for learning during COVID-19 by Kate Babb, Megan Mitchell, Patricia Cummings, Joseph Lloyd, Nicole Narkiewicz,
Audra Skukauskaite, and Lakelyn Taylor

Composing with Theory in Graduate Studies (references) by Kathryn Roulston and Janie Copple

Socially Just Qualitative Research with Lived Experience Experts in the Anti-Trafficking Movement by Jami E. Flick Brianna Black Kent, and Jodi Clark-Locascio

Exploring Embodiment on Zoom Body Mapping Online by Priya Vaughan, Angela Dew, and Katherine Boydell

I’m Interested in Autoethnography, but How Do I Do It? by Robin Cooper and Bruce V. Lilyea

The Impact of Covid-19 on Social Service Delivery by Jeanette E. Schmid and Holly Bradley

Learning Anatomy in the Metaverse: Evaluating Medical Students’ User Experiences with a 3D Virtual Anatomy Tool by Winnyanne E. Kunkle and Laurie P. Dringus

Conducting Virtual Interviews with Sexual Assault Survivors by Sarah E. Ullman

I’m Looking for a Frog Instead of a Circle”: The Lived Experiences of Speech Language Pathologists of Making Icon Selections on Augmentative and Alternative Communication Devices for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders by William T Dauterman and Laurie P. Dringus

Meaning making during COVID 19 in Indian College Youth: An Exploratory Study by Shivali Verma

Working in a Post-Covid World: Lifelong Employability, DELTAs, and Innovation Ecosystems by Louise Underdahl

Removing Educator/Employer Silos in a Post-Covid World by Louise Underdahl, Patricia Akojie, Myrene Magabo, Rheanna R. Reed, Shawishi Haynes, Maureen A. Marzano, Mar Navarro, and Margo Patterson

Emergency Department Operational Strategies by Joyce W. Davis, Roger Mayer, Wen Wen Chien, and Judith Monestime

Mixed Methods Research: Learning from Researchers' Experience with a Phenomenological, Appreciative Multi-Case Study by Shermaine Barrett, Hope Mayne, and Audrey DaCosta

The Power of Qualitatve Research that I Never Knew: Lessons Learnt From an Evocative Autoethnography by Kien Nguyen

Building and Maintaining an Anti-Oppressive, Community Based Participatory Research Alliance: Practical Action Steps by Mia Ocean, Kiki Carroll, Kenneth Williams, John Plummer, Lashirah Warren-Glenn 

2023 Conference Opening Panel - Thursday, February 16th, 2023

Qualitative Research in a Post-Covid World - Johnny Saldaña, Maria Lahman, and Jessica Nina Lester



2023 Conference Power Lunch - Thursday, February 16th, 2023

NVivo Power Lunch, Stacy Penna, “Better to Together: Research Team Collaboration with NVivo 14 & Citavi”


2023 Conference Opening Panel - Friday, February 17th, 2023

Qualitative Data Analysis in a Post-Covid World - Julia Gerson, Daniel Turner, and Stacy Penna


2023 Conference Power Lunch - Friday, February 17th, 2023

MAXQDA Power Lunch, Joel Drevlow, “Conducting Comprehensive and Systematic Qualitative Data Analysis: In-depth Insights into MAXQDA


2023 Conference Opening Panel - Saturday, February 18th, 2023

The Qualitative Report in a Post-Covid World - Ronald J. Chenail, Sally St. George, Dan Wulff, and Adam Rosenthal


2023 Conference Power Lunch - Saturday, February 18th, 2023

Quirkos Power Lunch, Daniel Turner, “Analyzing Qualitative Data with Quirkos"

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