TQR Conference Presentations

2021 Conference Keynote

The Qualitative Report: 30 Years and Counting as a Learning Community
Dr. Ronald J. Chenail

For over 30 years, The Qualitative Report has served as a learning community for a worldwide audience of qualitative researchers, practitioners, policy makers, professors, and students. In our relationships with authors, we have endeavored to not only share our knowledge, expertise, and guidance, but also to remain open, discovering new insights, practices, and voices. As an open-access publication, we have ensured readers around the world can read enriching words, opening new and invigorating vistas from qualitative research findings and qualitative methodological innovations. In reflecting on this three-decade journey, I can see how we evolved, but I can also envision new opportunities to become an even more inclusive community. In this presentation, I will share these insights as an open invitation to join us we continue to be a place where the world comes to learn qualitative research.

2021 Conference Keynote

Black Feminism in Qualitative Inquiry: Rites, Rituals, and Meaning-Making in Front Porch Politics
Dr. Venus Evans-Winters
In this presentation, Dr. Venus Evans-Winters raises the question, "Research for who and research for what?" and "Who gets to be the knower and who gets to be known?" Dr. Evans-Winters will discuss how daughters of the Diaspora make-meaning out of our scientific pursuits in a social-political economy that actively ignores and erases the knowledge claims of Black people and women. During a moment when people are socialized to engage in and be complicit in the commodification of knowledge, Black women, Indigenous women, and other racially minoritized women are beginning to question, expose, and resist racial and gender epistemicide. In this conversation, Dr. Evans-Winters discusses her own coming to consciousness about epistemological apartheid. Furthermore, she discusses how daughtering unveils the possibilities of qualitative research as a rite of passage and as ritual work when pursued as both a racial justice endeavor and a cultural imperative. Throughout the presentation, Dr. Evans-Winters creates a mosaic for understanding how Black women's and girls' individual agency and shared collective wisdom serve as tools of resistance against historical and contemporary forms of epistemological (and psychological) erasure.  

2021 Conference Keynote

Making Up Qualitative Research and Breaking Rules – De/colonizing Possibilities in Inquiry
Dr. Kakali Bhattacharya 

All forms of inquiry are made up. The sustainability of any form of inquiry is contingent on shared agreements. Who sits around the table when such agreements are being made? Shared agreements are historical, cultural, and not universally applicable. Yet when we consider methodology, sometimes we do not think of the cultural construction of what is valued in qualitative research. In this talk, Dr. Bhattacharya will discuss how to consider de/colonizing qualitative inquiry, so that we can cultivate our own grounds fertile for their shared agreements and how such agreements can be constructed not on the basis of universality, but on the basis of due diligence and historicity. Using her own framing of de/coloniality, Dr. Bhattacharya will share how breaking rules and making up qualitative research can become a liberatory agenda creating space-making for under-represented ideas, communities, and experiences. 

Additionally, Dr. Bhattacharya will explore who gets to break the rules and who gets to make the rules. How are privileges, possibilities, and barriers entangled within the larger landscape of qualitative inquiry, expanding beyond the discursive terrain of the Global North. To do this, Dr. Bhattacharya will share examples from her own work and the work of those who she has mentored to consider rule breaking and space making. How might those who are in disciplines that are barely friendly to qualitative research, or institutions that do not have a lot of expertise amongst faculty consider making up qualitative research and breaking rules?

Workshop: Improving Research Team Collaboration with NVivo

Hosted by: Stacy Penna, EdD, NVivo Community Director

This workshop will show how NVivo supports teams to collaborate effectively together on a research project. We will share tools for how to manage NVivo projects among team members, track decisions, as well as compare and view coding across team members for interrater reliability. Along with showing collaboration tools in NVivo, the workshop will also highlight new modules that enhance team collaboration, including using the NVivo – Integration add-in to streamline team prep-work and NVivo Collaboration Cloud to support teams working together on projects.


Nuts and Bolts of Doing Qualitative Research with MAXQDA

Hosted by: Sinem Toraman

This webinar-style workshop offers you an overview of qualitative research and data analysis processes and provides basic practical features of MAXQDA and tips that can serve well for your needs in doing qualitative research. The session will start with a brief overview of qualitative research and data analysis processes followed by a MAXQDA demonstration and a Q&A session. Anyone interested in learning how to use MAXQDA is welcome! 

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