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Rolling Hills Graduate Residence Hall

Rolling Hills Building C

Rolling Hills Building C Amenities

  • Married Housing Available
  • Kitchen
  • Guest Visitation
  • Laundry (1st Floor)
  • Elevator
  • In-Room Wireless Internet
  • Furnished
  • Cable TV
  • In-Room Telephone Access
  • Shuttle Bus Service
  • 24/7 Security

The Rolling Hills Graduate Apartments, which opened in August 2008, are approximately 1 mile west of the NSU main campus and house approximately 373 Nova Southeastern University students.  Each single and quad room is fully furnished and features a kitchen, bathroom, and living room.

Residents of the Rolling Hills Graduate Apartments must park their cars at Rolling Hills Graduate Apartments and take the shuttle bus to campus.Rolling Hills Graduate Residents are allowed to park on main campus only during specific times and in specific lots.

Rolling Hills Graduate Apartment residents are required to abided by all policies and procedures in the Office of Residential Life and Housing Residential Living Guide.

Graduate students living in Rolling Hills have the option to live and learn with residents studying in your same field. The Office of Residential Life and Housing provides themed floors which are available for students in the Health Professions Division and Law fields.

These communities will be staffed with a field based resident advisor and allows you the opportunity to live, study, and network with other residents in your field. Residents can also choose to sign up for non-themed floors in Rolling Hills which house students from all academic programs. The members of the communities will have the option to assist with mentorship of the undergraduate students interested in entering the same field of study.

Room assignments for this community will be made based on the order that we receive students' housing applications.

Students living on-campus may purchase an optional declining balance plan in $100 increments. The flexibility of all declining balance plans allows all students and residents to dine at various locations on the Nova Southeastern University campus, including the following:

  • Don Taft University Center Dining and C-Store
  • Alvin Sherman Library, Research, and Information Technology Center
  • Health Professions Division Cafeteria
  • Shepard Broad Law Center
  • Carl DeSantis Building
  • Parker Building Kiosk

For more information about optional declining balance plans, please feel free to contact the Campus Card Office at (954) 262-8929.

All rates include unlimited laundry, NSU secured wireless internet, furnishings, utilities, air conditioning, cable TV, and local telephone service. All housing and declining plan rates and configurations are subject to change.

Building C Room Rates

Room Types Fall 2017 Winter 2018 Summer 2018 12-month contract total
Single (One Bedroom) $6,513 $6,513 $2,774 $15,800
Quad Room (A&D) $3,440 $3,440 $1,439 $8,319
Quad Room (B&C) $3,390 $3,390 $1,385 $8,165

Single Bedroom

Rolling Hills Building C - Single Bedroom Floor Plan

Quad Bedroom

Rolling Hills Building C - Quad Bedroom Floor Plan

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